Police Deny Reports Of ‘Aliens’ At Miami Mall

Police lights. (AP PHOTO)
Police lights. (AP PHOTO)

OAN’s Sophia Flores
11:50 AM – Friday, January 5, 2024

Rumored sightings of an “alien” creature standing 8-feet tall began to circulate on New Year’s Day in Miami, Florida. A massive police response of over 60 cop cars at the scene added to the frenzy.


Despite a massive police presence at a Bayside Marketplace, a two-story mall located in the heart of downtown Miami, police have debunked claims of an extraterrestrial sighting.

There are no videos online from the street perspective or from the inside of the mall from that night. The only video circulating the internet was filmed from high up in the air. The aerial video captured showed a tall grey creature walking among police personnel.

A spokesperson from Miami PD did not deny the video, however, they said that it is “not what it seems.”

“What is seen on this clip is the shadow of someone walking. If you look at the bottom of the shadow, you can see the person. No creature.”

Police claim that their massive presence at the mall was due to “reports of a fight among teenagers.”

The reported teenage brawl turned dangerous when young people began lighting fireworks and throwing them at each other. There were also reports of unconfirmed of gunshots.

Officers shut down the area and attempted to control the frightened, scurrying mob of people.

Four teenagers were arrested in relation to the violence. They are now facing charges of burglary, unoccupied conveyance, grand theft, battery, and resisting an officer without violence.

However, authorities are still searching for the other parties involved.

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