Ohio Teen Convicted After Intentionally Crashing Into Wall And Killing Boyfriend And Friend

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STAFFORD, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 06: A police cordon surrounds the scene of a house fire in Sycamore Lane, Stafford, which claimed the lives of four children yesterday, on February 06, 2019 in Stafford, England. Police have named the four children who died as Keegan Unitt, aged 6, Tilly Unitt, 4, Olly Unitt, 3, and their older brother Riley Holt, 8. Two adults and another child are being treated in hospital. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)
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OAN’s Abril Elfi
11:50 AM – Friday, August 18, 2023

A teen in Ohio was convicted of murder after she intentionally crashed into a wall which resulted in the death of her boyfriend and his friend. 


On Monday, 19-year-old Mackenzie Shirilla was convicted on 12 counts which included, four of murder, four of felonious assault, two of aggravated vehicular homicide, one of drug possession and one of possessing criminal tools. 

The crash happened on July 31, 2022. Reportedly, Shrilla was driving with her boyfriend and his friend when she was seen on surveillance camera accelerating to 100mph and allegedly purposely driving into a wall which she had been seen driving past a few days prior. 

According to police, they arrived at the scene 45 minutes after the crash where they found the car. Shirilla, who was then 17, was taken to the hospital but her boyfriend, 20-year-old Dominic Russo, and his friend, 19-year-old Davion Flanagan were pronounced dead at the scene. 

The teen was then arrested on November 4, 2022. 

According to prosecutors, Shrilla and Russo had a toxic relationship and the teen had threatened him before. 

She had allegedly just two weeks before threatened to crash her car because she was upset over a fight they had. Prosecutors claim that then Russo had a friend pick him up, they allegedly overheard Shirilla say, “I will crash this car right now.”

According to court filings, there are videos recovered from Russo’s phone in which Shirilla was heard “repeatedly degrading Dominic, threatening him, and damaging his property,” that were filmed the month of the crash. Additionally, she supposedly threatened to key his car and to break the handle off a door after he refused to let her into his home. 

Judge Nancy Margaret Russo said at the verdict reading that Shirilla’s intent “was not reckless driving. [It] was murder.”

“The [crash] video clearly shows the purpose and intent of the defendant. She chose a course of death and destruction that day,” the judge said.  “She morphs from a responsible driver to literal hell on wheels as she makes her way down the street.” 

A TikTok, video social media platform, of the teen surfaced on the internet where the audio says “I’m not even cool I’m just one of those girls that can do a lot of drugs and not die.”

It is reported that the trio was smoking weed right before the crash happened.

Shirilla is said to appear in court back on Monday, August 21st for sentencing.

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