NYC: Illegal Immigrants At City Hall Demand Better Free Food, Long-term Housing, More Accommodations

Homeless migrants wait in line to receive food and clothing donations in Tompkins Square Park. (Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

OAN’s Brooke Mallory
4:33 PM – Thursday, April 18, 2024

Despite the fact that tens of billions of tax dollars are being spent on their care, illegal immigrants, many of whom were from Venezuela and Africa, came to a meeting in New York City on Tuesday with concerns that the free food, shelter, and language accommodations they are receiving are insufficient for their needs. 


At City Hall, hundreds of migrants told the New York City Council that they are disappointed by the benefits, demanding better food, long-term housing, translator accommodations, and more.

On Tuesday, the illegal immigrants were given the opportunity to address the city’s immigration committee. During her speech, one woman expressed her dissatisfaction with the free meals and criticized the city authorities for not providing them with more permanent housing at the expense of taxpayers.

“At the shelter, my kids cannot eat the food,” the woman complained via a translator. “On Ramadan, we could not eat during breaks because the food is not good at all,” the woman asserted.

“They give us two months to stay at the shelter, and then you have to go out with your luggage and your kids and find another place. Very difficult,” she added.

The same mother also expressed dissatisfaction over the city’s refusal to grant her 19-year-old son a free education.

The complaint session took place indoors while over 1,500 migrants, primarily single males in their military years, paraded outside City Hall Park.

It was also revealed late in 2023 that 5,000 cooked meals were thrown out by undocumented foreigners on one day in November at a large shelter without being eaten, costing the city at least $770,000 in food waste that day alone. Many had complained that they did not like the taste of the food or that it was too unhealthy.

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