North Carolina’s New Voting Map Could Flip Multiple House Seats For Republicans

Law enforcement stand guard outside of the state capitol building in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, on January 17, 2021, during a nationwide protest called by anti-government and far-right groups supporting US President Donald Trump and his claim of electoral fraud in the November 3 presidential election. - The FBI warned authorities in all 50 states to prepare for armed protests at state capitals in the days leading up to the January 20 presidential inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden. (Photo by Logan Cyrus / AFP) (Photo by LOGAN CYRUS/AFP via Getty Images)
Law enforcement stand guard outside of the state capitol building in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, on January 17, 2021. (Photo by LOGAN CYRUS/AFP via Getty Images)

OAN’s Taylor Tinsley
12:57 PM – Thursday, October 26, 2023

Republicans have passed a new congressional map through the general assembly, bolstering the party’s chances of keeping the House majority in 2024. 


New political districts in North Carolina were officially made law on Thursday.

The map divides the Tar Heel state’s 14 congressional districts to 10 that favor Republicans, three for Democrats, and one competitive battleground.

The move comes after the state’s conservative Supreme Court majority reversed a previous decision in April that struck down the map as “illegal partisan gerrymander.”

The Republican majority also overruled a previous decision earlier this year, and found that political gerrymandering is permitted under law. 

“There’s no doubt that the congressional map has a lean towards Republicans,” said State Representative Destin Hall (R-N.C.). “Overall our overarching goal in construction of this House plan was to create Republican leaning districts where possible while avoiding double bunking incumbent House members and following traditional redistricting principles.”

The previous congressional map was an even split of seven Republican and seven Democrat districts.

The new lines could help flip at least three congressional seats in the GOP’s favor during the 2024 election cycle.

Not only do opposing Democrats say the move lacks representation for voters, but they say it also provides partisan advantage. 

“Just because you can doesn’t mean that you should,” said State Representative Amos Quick (D-N.C.).

In a video posted on X, the platform formally known as Twitter, State Representative Jeff Jackson (D-N.C.) said, “If either of these maps become final, it means I’m toast in Congress.” 

On Thursday, Jackson also announced he’s running for Attorney General to “fight political corruption.”

Governor Roy Cooper (D-N.C.) is unable to veto the new maps under state law, but they are expected to be subject to multiple lawsuits.

The new law comes as several states attempt to pass new redistricting maps. 

A federal judge ruled Georgia’s political maps must be redrawn on Thursday. U.S. District Court Judge Steve Jones concluded the GOP drawn maps violated the voting rights act and diluted the power of Black voters. 

“The evidence before this Court shows that Georgia has not reached the point where the political process has equal openness and equal opportunity for everyone,” Jones wrote.

The legislature must draw a new map for the 2024 election cycle by December 8th.

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