N.Y.C: Victim Recounts Filmed Attack, Rapist Suspect Who Choked Her With Belt Arrested

Photo via; NYPD
Photo via; NYPD

OAN’s Abril Elfi
10:53 AM – Wednesday, May 15, 2024

A man has been arrested after choking and sexually assaulting a woman in New York City in the late hours of the night.


The New York Police Department (NYPD) arrested Kashaan Parks, 39, and charged him with rape, strangulation, assault, sexual abuse, public lewdness, and harassment. 

Last week, police released a video that shows the suspect walking up behind the victim and tossing a belt around her neck. The victim was then choked unconscious before the suspect dragged her in between two cars in order to sexually assault her. 

According to the NY Post, a woman named Beverly Parks took responsibility for turning in her son, Kashaan, to the police. She claims that on Friday morning, his spouse informed her that he had sexually assaulted and strangled a woman the night before. Soon after, Beverly persuaded Kashaan to turn himself in.

“I had my son go be accountable for his actions, no matter that he was drunk, that he was on drugs, that he was grieving. He did something wrong and he has to deal with it. Period,” she said. 

Beverly mentioned that her son had found out his father died last month in Belize, and he’s been “spiraling” ever since. However, she still emphasized that this was no excuse to take part in such barbaric behavior.

Public records also showed that Kashaan has had two previous arrests.

On October 14th, 2018, he was charged with third-degree assault and criminal mischief in the Bronx for allegedly hitting a 46-year-old woman several times during an argument and jumping on top of her, the police said. Authorities also noted that he punched her in the head so hard that it left a lump, in addition to throwing her phone at a lamp, breaking the light.

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