Miss Nicaragua Pageant Director Faces Charges In ‘Beauty Queen Coup’ Plot

(Photo from 
Karen Celebertti Instagram)
(Photo from Karen Celebertti/Instagram)

OAN’s Abril Elfi
9:52 AM – Monday, December 4, 2023

The director of the Miss Nicaragua pageants is facing charges for allegedly intentionally rigging results.


According to media reports, Karen Celebertti is facing charges of manipulating the pageant results in order to support competitors who disagreed with the government.

This plot was purportedly a component of a plot to topple Daniel Ortega’s government in Nicaragua, coming to people’s attention after Sheynnis Palacio had won this year’s Miss Universe pageant.

The nation initially celebrated Palacio’s victory, but opinions changed when pictures of Palacio taking part in the 2018 anti-government demonstrations went viral.

Reports state that the government saw these protests as a coup attempt involving foreign agents.

According to the National Police, was allegedly actively participating in these demonstrations, both in person and online.

According to human rights organizations, 355 people died as a result of the movement she was part of.

Charges of “treason to the motherland” are being brought against Celebertti, her family, and other associates.

According to the police statement, Celebertti had planned to use beauty pageants as a cover for outside agents’ funded political sabotage.

Vice President Rosario Murillo has denounced the opposition press and charged them with using Palacios’s win to spread misinformation against the government.

Celebertti is said to be outside of Nicaragua avoiding her arrest, however, her husband and son are allegedly in custody.

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