Man Arrested After Filming 10-Year-Old Boy Over Stall At Disney Resort

Clayton Snider, 22. (Photo via Orange County Jail)
Clayton Snider, 22. (Photo via Orange County Jail)

OAN’s Brooke Mallory
11:22 AM – Tuesday, November 7, 2023

According to authorities, a man was detained for filming a 10-year-old child in a Disney resort restroom while his parents were at a restaurant having dinner.


The Georgian kid had entered a bathroom stall at Disney’s Grand Resort and Spa in Orlando, Florida, according to authorities.

The child said that he saw a phone flash above his stall at one point, and it seemed to be recording him. After the child left to inform his parents of the bathroom voyeur, Clayton Snider, 22, was immediately confronted by the victim’s enraged father.

Police documents stated that the father then immediately informed authorities that Snider was lingering in front of the urinals rather than using the toilet or washing his hands.

Snider later exited the bathroom after adamantly denying taking pictures or recording the boy. He also refused to give up his phone when the boy’s mother called the police and requested to see it.

The victim’s relatives assumed he had already deleted the inappropriate content, but he eventually volunteered to give it up.

Snider consented to allowing the cops to unlock and examine his iPhone when they arrived.

Authorities searched his files, videos, and pictures, finding nothing related to peeping on children. However, after searching his recently deleted videos and images, that last search turned up footage of the 10-year-old victim in the stall.

The police said that it was evident from the film that it was recorded from an elevated stance and was recorded in the restroom.

“The young male had his shorts down around his ankles and was wearing a blue shirt,” according to the police report.

Snider had also refused to unlock his Apple Watch when police arrived.

According to the outlet Click Orlando, he was then arrested at the scene and taken into an Orange County, Florida, jail on charges of video voyeurism. 

Some news sources say that Snider, the perpetrator, is from New Haven, Connecticut, while others say he is from Kentucky.

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