Feinstein Family Fight Headed To Private Mediation

Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Meeting On Pending Nominations
WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 6: Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) speaks during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on judicial nominations on Capitol Hill September 6, 2023 in Washington, DC. During the hearing the committee considered five judges for federal vacancies. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

OAN’s Abril Elfi
12:56 PM – Tuesday, September 12, 2023

A California judge ordered that the legal fight surrounding Senator Dianne Feinstein’s finances be moved out of court for a private mediation.


On Monday, Judge Roger Picquet ordered that the high-stakes family fight over the 90-year-old California Democrat Senator’s finances be transferred out of court for private negotiations.

According to the press, Feinstein, with her daughter as her legal representative, has argued in three separate lawsuits that they need to sell a million-dollar home in California and receive proceeds from Feinstein’s late husband, Richard Blum, and his estate and life insurance to help cover the legislator’s medical expenses. 

One of the lawsuits stated that Blum established a trust for Feinstein in the 1990s that was supposed to be formed for her after his death.

It had to be supported with $5 million in cash and other securities, with revenue paid to her in monthly installments. The trust’s assets would be inherited by Blum’s three daughters from a previous marriage if Feinstein passed away.

According to reports, Feinstein and her daughter have both claimed that the current trustees of Blum’s account, Michael Klein, Marc Scholvinck, and Verett Mims, failed to finance or make any of the statutory income distributions to the senator and have ignored her requests to do so. 

They further contend that the trustees’ delay demonstrates a plan to benefit Blum’s daughters.

Steven P. Braccini, attorney for Klein and Scholvinck, previously denied the accusations in a statement to reporters.

“The trustees have acted ethically and appropriately at all times…This filing is unconscionable,” Braccini said. “The trustees have always respected Senator Feinstein and always will. But this has nothing to do with her needs and everything to do with her daughter’s avarice.”

One of the senator’s attorneys reportedly asked the judge overseeing the case to order the trustees to sell the house immediately “at a commercially reasonable price,” but the judge declined and said that he hopes the private mediation resolves the issues at hand.

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