Elon Musk hires new Twitter CEO

FILE PHOTO: Illustration shows Elon Musk photo and Twitter logo
FILE PHOTO: Illustration shows Elon Musk photo and Twitter logo

OAN Roy Francis
Updated 7:52 AM – Friday, May 12, 2023

According to the Washington Post, an inside source said that the new CEO that was picked by Elon Musk is NBCUniversal ad sales chief Linda Yaccarino, who is set to depart NBC on Friday.


Although Musk has not publicly named Yaccarino as the new CEO, he seemingly confirmed it when he replied on Twitter to Youtuber Luke Rudkowski when he tweeted out his concern about future “shadow bans.”

Elon Musk tweeted out that he has hired a new CEO for Twitter on Thursday.

Musk said that the new CEO will be starting in approximately six weeks, at which time he will transition to being Executive Chair, and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the social media platform. He will also be overseeing product, software and sysops.

The billionaire has been acting as Twitter’s CEO since he bought the platform in October 2022 for $44 billion. In December, he posted a poll to Twitter asking users whether he should step down as head of Twitter, saying he will abide by the results.

When the poll concluded, 57.5% of participants voted yes, and Musk then added that he will resign as CEO as soon as he finds someone to replace him.

Even though no further details about the new CEO were given, Musk seems to have remained true to his word, and will be stepping down as CEO.

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