Elon Musk Condemns George Soros, Says He Eroded ‘Fabric Of Civilization’

(L)Joe Rogan during UFC 274 at Footprint Center on May 07, 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)/ (R)Elon Musk attends The 2022 Met Gala Celebrating “In America: An Anthology of Fashion.” (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue)

OAN’s Brooke Mallory
6:15 PM – Wednesday, November 1, 2023

During a heated interview on the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, Elon Musk criticized leftist billionaire George Soros, saying that he “fundamentally hates humanity.” Musk also said that he bought Twitter last year to save it from the “far-left.”


Musk spoke with Rogan for almost three hours on his decision to buy Twitter, which is now called “X.” The discussion then switched to Soros and his backing of left-leaning political candidates and progressive groups.

“In my opinion, he fundamentally hates humanity,” Musk said about Soros.

Musk cited the causes that Soros funds, highlighting local elections as the most effective means of influencing legislation.

“He’s doing things that erode the fabric of civilization,” Musk said. “Getting [district attorneys] elected who refused to prosecute crime—that’s part of the problem in San Francisco, and L.A. and other cities. So why would you do that?”

“The lowest value for money is a presidential race,” he added. “Then next lowest value for money is a Senate race, then a Congress. But once you get to sort of city and state district attorneys, the value [is] extremely good. Soros realized that you don’t actually need to change the laws. You just need to change how they’re enforced.”

He also voiced that the former Twitter site was “controlled by the far-left,” which he believed was having a “corrosive” effect on society and one of the reasons that he says prompted his decision to buy the platform.

“I mean, this is going to sound somewhat melodramatic, but I was worried that it was having a corrosive effect on civilization,” he said. “That it was just having a bad impact, and, I mean, part of it is that it’s where it was located, which is, you know, downtown San Francisco. And while I think San Francisco is a beautiful city and we should really fight hard to kind of right the ship of San Francisco, if you walk around downtown San Francisco, right near the X/Twitter headquarters, it’s a zombie apocalypse. I mean, it’s rough.”

“A philosophy that would be ordinarily quite niche and geographically constrained, so that sort of the fallout area would be limited, was effectively given an information weapon, an information technology weapon to propagate what is essentially a mind virus to the rest of Earth, and the outcome of that mind virus is very clear if you walk around the streets of downtown San Francisco. It is the end of civilization,” Musk continued.

Using the platform’s history of suppressing conservative viewpoints from the previous owner as justification, Rogan said that these extreme leftist viewpoints were not “up to scrutiny.”

Musk continued by drawing parallels between the “death cult,” this “mind virus,” and the extinction movement, which promotes the intentional extinction of mankind.

He cited a New York Times feature on one such environmental activist as an example of the hazardous result of taking these extremist viewpoints too far.

“If you take environmentalism to an extreme, you still have to view humanity as a plague on the surface of the earth. Like a mold or something… but this is actually false,” Musk asserted. “They’ve gone way too far. If you start thinking that humans are bad, then the natural conclusion is that human should die out,” he argued.

Musk used this scenario to raise the question of whether fanatical environmentalists may utilize artificial intelligence to exterminate humankind. “They won’t even think it’s bad, like that guy,” he remarked.

Later, the CEO of X reiterated his criticisms regarding biased filtering on “old Twitter,” claiming that it was operated similarly to state-run publications like Pravda. He asserted that under his direction, “zero” far-left users had been banned or blacklisted for airing their opinions.

However, in December 2022, a number of media figures who had criticized Musk were temporarily removed from their accounts. Musk suspended the journalists for seven days after alleging they broke the company’s doxxing policy.

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