Elon Musk Blames L.A. School For ‘Brainwashing’ His Child Into Becoming A ‘Communist’ Transgender

Tesla CEO Elon Musk speaks during the unveiling of the new Tesla Model Y in Hawthorne, California on March 14, 2019. (Photo by Frederic J. BROWN / AFP) (Photo credit should read FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images)
(Photo credit should read FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images)

OAN’s Abril Elfi
3:26 PM – Friday, September 1, 2023

Elon Musk has claimed he believes his child’s California high school is to blame for brainwashing his “communist” trans child into hating him for being rich. 


The SpaceX founder believes that the Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences in Santa Monica is to blame, for his 19-year-old child’s thought of “thinking that anyone rich is evil.”

According to an excerpt from Musk’s biography, the transition of Jenna Wilson, Musk’s estranged child, was part of a domino effect that led to Musk purchasing the social networking app X, formerly known as Twitter,  as part of his effort to root out “wokeness.”

Reportedly, the X CEO told the press that he was initially “generally sanguine” with his child’s decision until in April 2022 when Wilson “became a fervent Marxist and broke off all relations with him.”

“She went beyond socialism to being a full communist and thinking that anyone rich is evil,” said Musk. “I’ve made many overtures, but she doesn’t want to spend time with me.”

According to the biography, Musk’s drift with Wilson, is partly to blame for the billionaire’s continuous fixation with ‘woke’ ideology, which he sees as a threat to human civilization.

“Unless the woke mind virus, which is fundamentally anti-science, anti-merit, and anti-human in general, is stopped, civilization will never become multiplanetary,” Musk said. 

The Crossroads institution, which began as a secular school linked with St. Augustine By-the-Sea Episcopal Church in Santa Monica in 1971, has evolved into a prestigious academy for the next generation of Hollywood stars. 

Crossroads graduates include Zooey Deschanel, Jonah Hill, Jack Black, Kate Hudson, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Wilson, who was previously known as Xavier Musk, was granted a petition to change genders as well as names last year.

In court, Wilson stated that the name change to Vivian Jenna Wilson was to remove any ties left with Musk.

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