California Spent Over $4M On Gender-Related Surgeries For Prisoners In Past 6 Years

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OAN’s Abril Elfi 
12:43 PM – Tuesday, November 7, 2023

California has spent more than $4 million in taxpayer dollars on gender-related surgeries for inmates around the state, including numerous death row inmates, since 2017.


The Washington Free Beacon released a report where it stated that millions of dollars have been spent on sex changes and other gender-related operations and procedures for 157 inmates since California became the first state to agree to pay for these types of operations for prisoners, with four of those criminals on death row.

According to the report, since 2017, California paid for 35 male convicts to surgically receive artificial vaginas and vulvas at a cost of $2.5 million to taxpayers, and 11 male prisoners received breast implants at a cost of more than $180,000.

The state government also paid more than $1 million for the removal of 40 female detainees’ breasts. 

National Committee Chairwoman Harmeet Dhillon (R-Calif.) told reporters that transgender people have the right to be treated with respect, but it “does not include taxpayer dollars being used to do surgeries that are experimental at best and scientifically unjustified at worst.” 

This year alone, California prison authorities requested around $2.2 million in additional spending solely for transgender operations.

Two new full-time psychiatrists, one physician, one surgeon, and two social workers were hired and their salaries were included among the costs.

California was the first state in the country to require the use of taxpayer funds for transgender inmates’ surgeries in 2017, with the state’s correctional administration admitting that there are “no restrictions on the treatments or surgeries that prisoners can request. 

The law was passed following a legal settlement in 2016 with biological male prisoner Shiloh Quine, who sued the state of California for the “right” to be recognized as a transgender woman and to receive certain treatments and procedures in order to identify as female.

Reportedly, in 2014, only 131 inmates throughout the state of California identified as transgender. However, as of November of 2023, the number has risen to 1,847, with hundreds more identifying as transgender or “non-binary” and requesting a number of operations.

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