Biden Makes Address After Counsel Report, Defends Memory But Confuses Presidents

US President Joe Biden answers questions. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

OAN’s Brooke Mallory
1:12 PM – Friday, February 9, 2024

President Joe Biden declared that he was cleared of all criminal charges related to his mishandling of highly sensitive documents that were stashed away at his residence and office after a Justice Department report highlighted his old age and faulty memory regarding important events and facts.


“Biden will likely present himself to the jury, as he did during his interview with our office, as a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory,” Special Counsel Robert Hur wrote. “Based on our direct interactions with and observations of him, he is someone for whom many jurors will want to identify reasonable doubt. It would be difficult to convince a jury that they should convict him—by then a former president well into his 80s—of a serious felony that requires a mental state of willfulness.”

Social media users online chimed in and argued that if the POTUS cannot be liable for stashing away secret documents since his memory is so bad, then why should he be allowed to still run the country?

Alex Pfeiffer, the communications director for Make America Great Again Inc., a Super PAC supporting Donald Trump, essentially voiced the same sentiment as well.

“If you’re too senile to stand trial, then you’re too senile to be president. Joe Biden is unfit to lead this nation,” Pfeiffer said.

In response, Biden gave a brief, last-minute address on Thursday.

Biden asserted that he was preoccupied with urgent matters during the five-hour interview he agreed to do regarding the document inquiry in the days following the Hamas attack on October 7th. He maintained that he was “in the middle of handling an international crisis,” but still bragged that he took the time to speak with investigators.

Later, after a reporter addressed Hur’s report regarding Biden’s failing memory, he seemed to become angrier and slightly embarrassed, stumbling his words more than usual. Biden’s audio was even cut out at certain points.

“My memory is fine!” Biden declared.

However, the U.S. Democrat president also made a notable error in his remarks, mistaking the presidents of Mexico and Egypt in response to a question on the Israel-Gaza conflict. Biden called Israel’s retaliatory response in Gaza “over the top” and then mistakenly referred to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi as the President of Mexico.

“Initially, the president of Mexico, Sisi, did not want to open up the gate to allow humanitarian material to get in. I talked to him. I convinced him to open the gate.” He did not even correct himself afterwards.

Biden also threw his own staff under the bus and fully blamed them for the document investigation.

“I take responsibility for not having seen exactly what my staff was doing,” Biden said. “Things that appeared in my garage, things that came out of my home, things that were moved, were moved not by me, but my staff, but my staff,” he continued.

Nevertheless, Hur’s reports says that in February 2017, while having a discussion at a house he was renting in Virginia, Biden revealed to a writer working on his autobiography that he had “just found all the classified stuff downstairs.”

Special Counsel Robert Hur’s year-long investigation focused on Biden’s improper retention of highly classified documents from his time as Barack Obama’s vice president and as a senator.

Hur concluded that Biden “willfully” withheld and revealed the information, which included records pertaining to both diplomatic strategies and military plans in Afghanistan. Images of papers found in a broken cardboard box in Biden’s Delaware home’s garage are included in the report. However, Biden attempted to claim that this assertion was “misleading and just plain wrong.”

“In his interview with our office, Mr. Biden’s memory was worse. He did not remember when he was vice president, forgetting on the first day of the interview when his term ended (“if it was 2013—when did I stop being vice president?”), and forgetting on the second day of the interview when his term began (“in 2009, am I still vice president?”), Hur’s report states.

“He did not remember, even within several years, when his son Beau died. And his memory appeared hazy when describing the Afghanistan debate that was once so important to him.”

After watching the national address, Tommy Vietor, Barack Obama’s former spokesman, tried to take attention off the report by labeling Hur’s efforts as simply a “right-wing hit job.”

Later, Biden began discussing the claim that he could not remember when his own son, Beau Biden, passed away. He became visibly upset and started lashing out at reporters.

“I don’t need anyone to remind me when he passed away,” Biden said on Thursday night, mentioning soon after that he wears his late son’s rosary beads. However, when the president attempted to describe where the beads came from, he appeared to not remember and quickly moved on.

“Every Memorial Day, we hold a service remembering him [Beau], attended by friends and family and the people who loved him,” Biden continued after a long pause. “I don’t need anyone. I don’t need anyone to remind me when he passed away.”

When Biden began answering more press questions, things really started to heat up.

Peter Doocy, a White House correspondent for Fox News who has triggered Biden a number of times in the past with his hard-hitting questions, asked “how bad” his memory is.

Biden then responded back to Doocy, saying, “My memory is so bad that I let you speak…”

Left-wing media outlets online commended Biden’s response to Doocy and tried to paint his words as a sort of witty “zinger.” However, since Doocy has a lengthy history of stumping Biden and White House Press-Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre with his questions, the president, unbeknownst to him, actually made a fair point on accident.

If Biden’s memory was not unreliable and faulty, he would not have called on the Fox News correspondent to speak, given their history.

Later, when a CNN reporter started to inquire about the American people’s worries about Biden’s mental state—a viewpoint that is broadly held, based on major polls—the president’s fury reached a peak.

“The American people have been watching and they have expressed concerns about your age,” the CNN reporter said.

“That is your judgement! That is your judgement! That is not the judgement of the press!” Biden yelled back at her.

In an even more absurd assertion, Biden also maintained that he had promised to serve as “president” for all people, “whether they were from a red state or a green state,” forgetting what color his Democrat party is represented by.

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