2 Arrested After Child Found At House With More Than A Dozen Dogs Dead

(Photo via;  Evesham Township Police)
(Photo via; Evesham Township Police)

OAN’s Abril Elfi
11:03 AM – Wednesday, August 30, 2023

A New Jersey duo was arrested after police had discovered the couple’s child at home, along with more than a dozen dead dogs. 


Rebeccah Halbach, 35, and Brandon Leconey, 32, were arrested on Monday and charged with animal cruelty and child endangerment after police found a nine-year-old child surrounded by dozens of dead foster dogs.

The investigation commenced after Evesham authorities were called from a witness report that claimed to see malnourished dogs at the home. 

Chief Walt Miller of Evesham Township Police made remarks about the state of the residence when they initially entered.

“There’s dogs in cages,” he said. “Live dogs in cages, dead dogs in cages. Dead animals throughout the house.”

According to investigators, the remains of 30 dead dogs were discovered, and it was reported that they believed that more than 100 additional dogs have died in the home. 

Along with the remains, 14 other malnourished dogs, cats, and rabbits were found as well. 

“Behind the home there was also a burial spot where there was a large number of dogs in various levels of decay,” said Miller.

Due to the unhealthy living conditions, a child that was living with the duo was removed by police and is now in the care of New Jersey Division of Child Protection & Permanency.

“It’s definitely concerning having a nine-year-old child living in this home, sleeping in this home, eating in this home,” said Miller.

Reportedly, one of the dogs found was in such terrible condition that it had to be euthanized and nine others are currently in the animal hospital. 

The duo had taken dogs from an animal rescue shelter in exchange for money to foster them but instead were letting the animals starve and die in their home.

The investigation and a search of the property for more animals is still ongoing. 

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