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One America news is in an uphill battle with the most powerful criminals in our country: the politicians on Capitol Hill.

Not only have we been censored and silenced online by Big Tech, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but now actual members of the United States government have been caught targeting One America News. That includes congressmen, senators, governors, and even members in the White House.

But why would our elected officials violate the most sacred of amendments, enshrined in the Constitution they are sworn to protect? It’s simple, really: because they’re criminals, and criminals don’t like it when you expose their crimes.

So now the very people charged with upholding our sacred Constitution are using it as a shield to defend their attacks on our freedom of speech.

Please consider becoming a subscriber and support One America News in our effort to report news that is honest and reliable.

We must act now and hold these traitors accountable, while there’s still a Constitution left to defend, and while we still have a voice to defend it.


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