May Jobs Report Shows Bidenomics Is An Assault On American Citizens

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OAN’s Daniel Baldwin
11:11 AM – Friday, June 7, 2024

It’s no secret that the majority of American citizens are not happy with President Joe Biden’s economy, as prices have increased by nearly 20% since 2021. The Pew Research Center also revealed that only 23% of Americans view Biden’s economy as “excellent or good.”


However, corporate media companies and Democrats seem perplexed as to why Americans are not happy.

The Washington Post wrote the May 28th headline: “Nearly everything Americans believe about the economy is wrong.” The message that this headline conveys is essentially to blame U.S. citizens for their dissatisfaction, not the politicians whose policies have caused voters to feel this way.

If you want to understand why Americans are unhappy with Biden’s economy, look no further than the May jobs report. On the surface, the U.S. economy added 272,000 jobs, exceeding the industry expectations. But there’s much more to this than meets the eye.

The jobs report further revealed that 663,000 native born Americans lost their jobs, while 414,000 foreign born individuals have entered the workforce. In addition, 263,000 foreign workers joined the labor force while 171,000 American labor force workers lost their jobs.

Americans have also seen large quantities of full time jobs lost. In the last year, approximately 1.2 million full time jobs have been lost while being replaced by 1.5 million part time jobs. 

“The economy is only adding McJobs as people get more gig work to supplement their income amidst runaway inflation, as well as people losing full-time jobs and replacing them w/ multiple part-time ones,” E.J. Antoni, economist for the Heritage Foundation, tweeted. “Since Jun ’23, we’ve LOST 1.5 million full-time jobs.”

The data shows that Biden’s economy is not benefitting legal, native born American citizens with full time jobs. In fact, it’s directly prioritizing foreign born workers over its own legal citizens.

Add inflation to the mix, and you get a truly dismal picture.

This policy of prioritizing foreign born workers is a consistent theme for the Biden Administration. Border Patrol reports say that there have been more than seven million migrant crossings since the inception of the Biden presidency.

Biden also recently signed an executive order on the border this week to seemingly curb illegal immigration. However, it does not halt or slow down the 1,500 migrants showing up at ports of entry with CBP One application appointments or the 30,000 migrants per month that are flying into the United States via a mass parole program.

Biden’s policy actions are loud and clear. Helping hardworking, taxpaying American citizens is not a priority of his.

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