Pearson Sharp

Pearson Sharp on the One America News set.
Pearson Sharp on the One America News set.

Pearson Sharp is the senior investigative reporter and foreign correspondent for One America News. As a veteran journalist, he has been covering breaking stories and international conflicts for OAN since 2014.

He has done extensive on the ground reporting as a war correspondent in places like Syria, where he broke the story about the staged chemical attacks at Douma, near Damascus, in 2018. Pearson’s investigation confirmed the Russian team’s findings that the chemical attack was a false flag operation, a report which was covered up by the mainstream media at the time, but has since been proven accurate.


Pearson also reported from Sweden, where he investigated the consequences of massive third-world immigration on the Swedish culture and economy. Before that, his interest in Russian history took him to Ukraine in 2016, where he covered a story on the 30th anniversary of the disaster at Chernobyl.

When he’s not reporting, Pearson continues to write. His first science-fiction novel, The Sovereign, was published in 2015, and he’s currently working on the next in the series.

You can get in touch with Pearson on Twitter @PearsonSharp, or email him at 

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