Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un Claims N. Korea Has Nuclear Deterrent Against U.S., Calls For Dialogue

President Trump is returning to Washington D.C. on Monday and is expected to have a busy week ahead. On Sunday, the President had little to say about the crisis after leader Kim Jong Un warned he plans to wipe out the U.S. During a New Year’s address on the North Korean State T.V., Kim Jong Un claimed North Korea has a nuclear deterrent against a possible U.S. military invasion.

China's Historical Hesitancy to Crack Down on North Korea

China’s Historical Hesitancy to Crack Down on North Korea

As President Trump calls out China once again for potentially violating U.N. sanctions by providing oil to North Korea, satellite imaging suggests that the rogue regime is preparing for another ballistic missile test.  Though China has been more compliant with sanctions on North Korea under the new administration, historically the country has been hesitant to act against it’s troublesome neighbor.