Bolton Outlines Details of U.S. Exit from Iran Deal

Ambassador John Bolton: “We Are Out of the Deal”

The President’s National Security Advisor Ambassador John Bolton proclaimed emphatically, “we are out of the deal,” as he briefed reporters on the details of the U.S. exit from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.  Moments after President Trump made the historic announcement from the Diplomatic Room of the White House, Bolton defined for reporters next steps for the administration and immediate re-introduction of sanctions.

DMZ Possible Location for NK Talks

President Trump Possibly Leaning Toward the DMZ for NK Talks Location

During a joint press conference with Nigerian President Muhummandu Buhari, President Trump seemed to be leaning toward the DMZ for his highly anticipated and historic summit with North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un. The president saying there is something he likes about that idea, adding, “I think it would be a great celebration if it works out well.”