The Daily Ledger

The Daily Ledger, hosted by EMMY-Award winning newsman Graham Ledger, explores poignantly what’s behind the top issues & stories of the day using a Constitutional prism and the perspective, insight and humor cultivated from 25 years of journalism. With Graham, one thing’s certain: even when he’s wrong… he’s RIGHT!

The Rick Amato Show

The Rick Amato Show exposes the gap between mainstream America and the political class. The show features expert guests from top current news headlines, and current events worldwide. The show is an advocate for capitalism, entrepreneurship, grass roots politics and America’s military veterans. Rick believes that pop culture influences politics- not the other way around. The Rick Amato Show explores the narrative put forth by Hollywood and the mainstream media in order to reveal agendas and hypocrisy.

On Point with Tomi Lahren

Host Tomi Lahren brings you an even platform for news discussion from all sides of the political spectrum, providing a fresh analysis of the issues facing our nation in an open and informative dialogue. Get On Point with the issues that matter most.

Addicted to Money

Everything you need to know about what caused the financial meltdown, what lies ahead, and what we all need to do to survive in the new economy.

Behind the Name

We’re breaking down walls – and going Behind the Name at some of the most innovative companies around. From luxury watches to historic yachts – great guitars to roaring choppers – we’re learning how these businesses create a niche market.

Escape From Iran: The Inside Story

A 1981 documentary chronicling how six Americans eluded capture during the 1979 siege on the U.S. Embassy in Iran and found refuge in the homes of Canadian diplomats for three months before escaping the country.

Focal Point

Go beyond the headlines with Focal Point: the frontier documentary series that takes you inside today’s most controversial issues, bringing the debate to your doorstep.

Foreign Correspondent

Foreign Correspondent reports on major international issues where reporters and camera operators are less welcome – investigating the real stories that governments don’t want told.

Jihad: The Grand Deception

Investigate the covert structure and growing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist groups, masquerading false monikers, infiltrating major societal institutions from Congress to Hollywood and federal law enforcement.

Target America: The Rise of ISIS

It’s being called the greatest threat to America today: ISIS – the Islamic extremist group that’s declared Jihad on America. How did they become the most notorious terrorist organization in the world? Find out on Target America: The Rise of ISIS.