Rebellion in Red: Shasta County Gears Up for Spring Recall Vote On Kevin Crye

OAN’s Alicia Summers
3:40 PM – Monday, January 15, 2024

In the heart of California’s deep blue landscape, a rebellion is brewing in one of the few red counties – Shasta County. They’re on a mission to recall their representative, Republican Kevin Crye, and they’ve gathered enough signatures to put it to a vote this spring. Imagine this – if Crye gets the boot, Governor Gavin Newsom gets to handpick a replacement. It could be a seismic shift, marking the first time in some 40 years that the seat flips to a Democrat, all without a say from the local residents. Buckle up, because joining OAN’s Alicia Summers is the man at the center of this political storm – Supervisor Kevin Crye from Shasta County, District 1.

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