Portland rioters cause property damage during ICE protests

Chaos ensued in Portland, Oregon as rioters pushed their far-left agenda. Hundreds took to the streets Saturday night, this time, to call to abolish Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. Reports said protesters marched through the city’s Pearl District and left shattered windows and damaged vehicles in their wake.

Report: 5 Ore. counties vote on leaving state, residents want to detach from deep blue state and join Greater Idaho

Far left laws and a lack of representation for rural voters pushed five Oregon counties to vote on initiatives to detach from the blue state and join the bordering red state of Idaho. The initiative,  known as Move Oregon’s Borders, confirmed Tuesday that the push to extend Idaho’s lines into parts of rural eastern and southern Oregon will be on some counties’ ballots for an upcoming special election.

Ore. power grid damaged, 40,000 without power

Nearly 40,000 people were without power following the state’s most devastating ice storm in four decades. According to reports on Sunday, Portland General Electric said its power grid sustained its worst damage in history and cut out electricity to more than 350,000 people.