White House staffers speak out about Scaramucci’s behavior

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UPDATED 9:07 AM PT — Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Several White House staffers are backing up the president when it comes to Anthony Scaramucci. Many said the former White House communications director was abusive to them, tried to intimidate by standing over them, and harassed women verbally during his 11 days on the job.

In one case, some said Scaramucci accused a woman of having sexual relations with a White House official in a higher position than her. This comes after the president posted about Scaramucci the abuse on Twitter Monday.

Scaramucci claimed he was still a supporter of the president after he was fired in 2017, but it now appears he is no longer loyal to the White House. Scaramucci said he wants the GOP to nominate someone else in 2020. However, when asked during a mainstream media interview about who he would consider the former White House official danced around the question.

“This is not a ‘Never Trump’ situation…this not just screeching rhetoric…this is — okay — the guy is unstable.,” he stated. “Everyone inside knows it, everyone outside knows it — let’s see if we can find a viable alternative.”

Anthony Scaramucci had initially planned an Internet event of his own, but that was canceled last week. (Evan Vucci/AP Photo)

There are also reports Scaramucci was on his way to being fired before White House Chief of Staff John Kelly took action. Last week, the president was asked about Scaramucci during a visit to New Jersey.

“He made terrible statements and gestures and everything to people that worked in the office,” said President Trump. “I think Anthony is really somebody that is very much out of control, and he doesn’t have what it takes, he really doesn’t.”

The president went on to describe how Scaramucci wanted to return to the White House earlier this year, but the president told him that would not be possible.

White House deputy spokesman Hogan Gidley had the president’s back on Sunday. He told an interviewer he believes Scaramucci’s recent attacks are a way to enrich himself, and also thinks Scaramucci is trying to destroy the president by being part of the mainstream media.

The former White House communications director openly admitted he wants Republicans to turn their backs on the president by letting Americans know what he believes they really think.

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