FBI took Cowboys For Trump founder cellphone to Anacostia home

OAN Newsroom

UPDATED 2:22 PM PT – Friday, December 23, 2022

In an exclusive interview with One America News National Political Correspondent Neil W. McCabe, Couy Griffin, the founder of Cowboys for Trump, described how the FBI mishandled his cellphone that he voluntarily trusted to their custody. When the FBI arrested Cowboys for Trump founder, Couy Griffin, in relation to his presence outside the Capitol during the January 6th protests, he agreed to hand over his phone. What he did not expect was for his phone to be taken out of FBI offices to a private home in Washington’s Anacostia neighborhood.
Griffin spent three weeks of pre-trial solitary confinement in a bug-infested, mold-ridden facility known as the ‘D.C. Gulag’, where he went nine days without access to a shower. When he was released, the FBI continued to hold his phone and access to every detail of his personal life and communications. Griffin said because the stigma has made him unemployable, and even members of his family shun him, he has set up a Give Send Go page to support himself and his family. One America News reached out to the FBI Public Information Office by phone and e-mail for comment, but the Bureau did not respond before the deadline.