Tijuana surpasses 2K homicides in 2019

Two suspects lie in the bottom of a police truck after a shoot-out in Tijuana, Mexico. (Guillermo Arias/AP Photo)

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UPDATED 10:05 AM PT — Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Violence in Tijuana, Mexico continues as rival cartels intensify their turf war. The city has now surpassed 2,000 homicides this year alone. That’s just 500 shy of last year’s record.

These new figures come after a 40-year-old man was found severely beaten Sunday. He later died in the hospital. Meanwhile, the bodies of three other victims were found Monday in two separate incidents. They were all found shot to death execution-style. Most killings in Tijuana are reportedly linked to the ongoing turf war between rival cartels.

“Those weapons are being used by drug cartels to enforce their business, if you will, to go after law enforcement, Mexican authorities and innocent civilians,” explained Ernesto Diaz of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF).

ATF officials say most weapons used in crimes that have been confiscated by police in Tijuana were smuggled in to the city. They are working to stop gun-smuggling there, which includes focusing efforts here in the U.S.

“There are individuals associated with Cartels that resides in the United States,” said Diaz.

A Mexican non-profit group recently named Tijuana as 2018’s most violent city in the world. Meanwhile, the Trump administration has often cited trans-border violence as a key reason to build a wall.

FILE – In this photo, United States Border Patrol agents stand by a vehicle near one of the border walls separating Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull, File)

“They have a tremendous problem with the cartels in their country, a problem like nobody would believe, where the cartels are almost ruling a country,” said President Trump. “You see it every day, all you have to do is turn on the news.”

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