Texas expands gun rights laws as 10 news bills are set to take effect

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 10:50 AM PT — Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Texas’s Congress is fighting  back as the nation’s legislature increases the desire to restrict the Second Amendment. In May of this year, the 86th Texas legislature reportedly approved 10 firearm laws, which are set to take effect on September 1st. The new laws aim to safeguard a citizen’s right to carry handguns, and protect them from being vulnerable in lawsuits endangering this right.

This comes as the shooting in El Paso has been widely politicized by 2020 Democrat candidates who are fighting for more gun control. Meanwhile, Governor Greg Abbott, who signed all 10 of the Texas bills, refrained from commenting on the gun control issue in the wake of the attack. Instead, he focused efforts on grieving for the victims killed.

FILE _Texas Governor Greg Abbott, left, listens as Speaker of the House Dennis Bonnen, right, answers a question during a joint news conference in Austin, Texas, Thursday, May 23, 2019. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Already approved before the El Paso shooting, Texas legislature will implement a law encouraging businesses to adopt permissive policies for law abiding citizens to carry handguns on company grounds. The laws will provide protection to businesses, who choose not to post signs indicating a gun-free zone. It will also give leniency to those with a license to carry, who unknowingly enter establishments that ban firearms.

The NRA, who has backed the Texas laws, said they will continue working to pursue real solutions to protect American citizens.

“These rights are the cornerstone and the foundation of our free society,” said NRA CEO Wayne Lapierre. “These rights continue to make America not just different, but they continue to make America better than other countries.”

Other laws included aim to protect those who have the license to carry at places of religious worship, at disaster areas, and at property where they reside as tenants.

Another bill to take effect seeks to protect the youth, and will allow public schools to designate more armed marshals to guard campuses and some foster homes to safely store firearms.