Texas a major Democrat target: Texans weigh in

Barbara Kahanek and Mike Pellerin dance before a campaign rally for President Donald Trump, Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019, outside the American Airlines Center in Dallas. (AP Photo/Jeffrey McWhorter)

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UPDATED 2:30 PM PST – Thursday, October 17, 2019

Following the 2019 Democrat debate, President Trump scheduled a big rally of his own in Dallas, Texas. People lined up days in advance to see the president. In spite of this Texas sized outpouring of support, Democrats believe Texas is up for grabs.

Seventh generation Texan Genevive Collins told One America News that Beto O’Rourke should serve as a warning to the Texas GOP.

“We all got woken up to the ‘Beto effect,’” said Collins. “I think where we fell down a little bit last year is providing a cohesive conservative message across the whole party.”

The small business owner and congressional candidate believes that at its core, Texas is and always will remain red. Though Democrats came close to flipping a Senate seat blue, she’s confident President Trump’s policies will prevail in 2020.

“President Trump has done a remarkable job deregulating so many industries and unleashing the American spirit for us here in Texas,” said Collins. “We’re able to create opportunities for ourselves, our families and our neighbors faster under a Trump administration.”

Former Mayor of Irving Beth Van Duyne also threw her hat in the ring for U.S. Congress, praising the Trump administration’s ability to stop the buck where no others have before.

“People might not like his style, but the fact is he’s the one who’s standing up and doing the things that only others have talked about,” she said.

Van Duyne went on to say Democrats will claim a voting monopoly on minorities, but she is noticing a counter trend taking place. Van Duyne cited a recent panel on which she was a moderator.

“We had a Latino female. We had a first generation Korean-American. We had a black preacher and we had a suburban mom. They all talked about how the assumption was that they were gonna vote Democrat, just based on the prejudice of their skin color. All of these people talked about, for them, what was important was looking at the economy…and it was focused on the future. And for those reasons, all of them were gonna support President Trump.” – Beth Van Duyne

Another candidate for Congress, Colonel Allen West, said he has traveled Texas and talked to thousands of people. He told One America News that Texans are fundamentally conservative, but sneak attacks by Democrats could catch the state off guard.

“I think that they’re a little bit asleep at the switch,” said West. “We had the Democrat presidential debate down in Houston, Texas last month and of course every single elected Republican official was defeated within the city limits of Houston.”

West said these are aggressive moves and significant victories for the Democrat Party, but even greater danger can be found in the smaller, more imperceptible moves.

“I’m very concerned that we have Democrats — progressive socialists — here in the state of Texas that are getting in their legislative priorities,” he said.

West concluded that there is a fundamentally conservative quality inherent in Republicans that Democrats will find hard to compete with.

“I think the most important message that Republicans and the presidents (have) stressed is that our policies lead toward opportunity,” he said. “Our policies lead towards making people victors and…their policies are about making people victims.”

The colonel has said this is a key difference between the left and the right. Van Duyne said she believes the proof is in the performance.

“For the vast majority of folks that I’ve talked to, they’re looking at the positive changes that have happened in this country and they’re gonna be voting for Trump again,” said the former mayor.

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