Trump Impeachment

Rep. Meadows: Senate Democrats strategy a sham

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) recently clarified the role of the House GOP members on President Trump’s defense team. He said they are not making arguments on the Senate floor, but are helping prep the White House for amendments and other trial procedures. One America’s John Hines spoke with Rep. Meadows and has more from Capitol Hill.

President Trump’s legal team issues briefs to Senate

President Trump’s legal defense team filed its brief for the Senate impeachment trial. Those documents were handed over to the upper chamber Monday ahead of Tuesday’s trial session. The brief states the articles of impeachment passed by the House are “an affront to the Constitution and fail to allege an impeachable offense.”

Sen. Sanders admits impeachment trial may hurt his presidential campaign

2020 Democrat hopeful Bernie Sanders recently admitted the impeachment trial is going to negatively affect his presidential campaign. While talking to reporters in Washington on Thursday, the Vermont senator said the trial may take several weeks, which he would rather spend campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire to win the Democrat Party nomination.