Natalie Harp

Biden says ‘obey!’ And get some freedoms back by Independence Day

Joe Biden declares if we “put trust and faith in our government” we might just get our freedoms back by the Fourth of July as he says only “national unity” will end the coronavirus pandemic and bring a return to normal life. This as Biden continues to rule by executive fiat and sign into law bills passed almost entirely along party lines. One America’s Natalie Harp has more.

Eric Swalwell claims ’emotional distress’ in new lawsuit against President Trump

Eric Swalwell has been suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome for years and now he’s suing President Trump, claiming the 45th President is personally responsible for the “severe emotional distress” he claims to be afflicted with since the January 6th protests.

This as Jason Miller, Senior Advisor to the President, slams Swalwell for simply “doing the bidding of his Chinese masters.”

One America’s Natalie Harp has more.