Hong Kong protests

Hong Kong stands by ‘one country, two systems’ policy with China

China is planning to develop the country’s Greater Bay Area, using a strategy officials said will further encourage the ‘one country, two systems policy’ with Hong Kong. Chinese officials released the initiative on Friday, calling it “a role model of high quality development,” and cooperation between the mainland and Hong Kong.

Hong Kong announces new commission to address ongoing protests

The Hong Kong government is planning to set up an independent commission to address the country’s ongoing protests. On Saturday, Hong Kong’s chief secretary said officials will not investigate police brutality, but they will develop a commission to restore the region’s peace and order.

President Trump: China deal ‘potentially very close’

President Trump is saying a Phase One trade deal with China is ‘potentially very close.’ During a Friday morning interview, the president said the two sides “have a very good chance to make a deal.” However, he added the Trump administration is “not anxious” to strike a deal while the U.S. continues to benefit from the tariffs placed on Chinese products.

China calls U.S. Senate act for Hong Kong protesters an interference

China has strongly condemned the U.S. Senate’s legislation supporting human rights for Hong Kong protesters. In a statement Wednesday, Beijing’s foreign ministry stated China “resolutely opposes” the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. The Chinese ministry called it a blatant interference in China’s internal affairs.