Greta Wall

Wall to Wall: Kabbage Helping Small Businesses Get PPP Loans

Cash-strapped small business owners are urging Congress to allocate additional funding for the Paycheck Protection Program. Online lender Kabbage is doing its part to help amid the coronavirus pandemic. On Wall to Wall, Greta spoke with Head of Global Policy for Kabbage, Sam Taussig, about his company’s efforts.

Wall to Wall: AZLO Small Business Survey

Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy and are getting hit hard by the Coronavirus Pandemic. A new survey from online business banking platform, AZLO, outlines the staggering numbers. On Wall to Wall, Greta broke down the poll with the CEO of AZLO, Cameron Peake.

Wall to Wall: Former SBA Admin. Discusses Coronavirus Loans

The Small Business Administration is ramping up efforts to process millions of incoming loan requests thanks to the Coronavirus relief bill. Greta spoke with Former SBA Administrator under George W. Bush, Hector Barreto, about how small businesses across the country can apply for the desperately needed economic assistance.

Wall to Wall: Ramped up Calls to Reopen Economy

As markets and the economy as a whole continue to get slammed by the coronavirus, some are calling for a responsible end to the closures. On Wall to Wall, Greta spoke with Founder of Markowski Investments and Host of ‘Watchdog on Wall Street’ Chris Markowski about why it is so urgent for people to get back to work in the near future.

Wall to Wall: Quick Economic Bounce Back Possible After Coronavirus

While the markets fluctuate and Americans anxiously await financial relief amid the coronavirus pandemic, experts have said the economy’s overall strength will allow it to bounce back once social restrictions are lifted. One America’s Greta Wall discussed the outlook with Professor of Economics at Franciscan University Dr. Michael Welker.

Wall to Wall: Banking industry affected by coronavirus

As customers face quarantine and closures due to the coronavirus, many have turned to digital banking. On Wall to Wall, Greta spoke with the CEO of online business platform Azlo, Cameron Peake, about the trend and how entrepreneurs can shift to digital banking to offset pressure during the pandemic.