coronavirus relief package

Sen. Lee questions likely provisions of phase three aid package

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) has raised questions about provisions of the phase three coronavirus aid package. The Republican lawmaker said parts of the proposal could be interpreted as a bailout of particular industry sectors. One America’s John Hines’ sat down with the senator and has this exclusive interview

Federal judges deny emergency release of Calif. inmates amid pandemic

A panel of federal judges ruled not to order a mass release of California prison inmates to reduce the spread of coronavirus cases. The ruling was issued Saturday and came after attorneys called for the release or relocation of thousands of inmates, particularly those over the age of 65 and others with pre-existing medical conditions.

States initiate coronavirus-related changes to voting

State officials are making moves to protect the integrity of voting amid the coronavirus pandemic. States across the country have been reporting low voter turnout in this year’s presidential primaries compared to prior years. They have pointed to citizens’ concerns with catching the contagious COVID-19 while gathering at poll centers as the reason for the lower numbers.

President Trump signs historic CARES Act

President Trump signed the $2 trillion economic stimulus package on Friday after it cleared both the House and Senate this week. He also directed General Motors to speed up ventilator production under the Defense Production Act.