Amir Mousavi

BUSHEHR, IRAN - AUGUST 21: This handout image supplied by the IIPA (Iran International Photo Agency) shows a view of the reactor building at the Russian-built Bushehr nuclear power plant as the first fuel is loaded, on August 21, 2010 in Bushehr, southern Iran. The Russiian built and operated nuclear power station has taken 35 years to build due to a series of sanctions imposed by the United Nations. The move has satisfied International concerns that Iran were intending to produce a nuclear weapon, but the facility's uranium fuel will fall well below the enrichment level needed for weapons-grade uranium. The plant is likely to begin electrictity production in a month. (Photo by IIPA via Getty Images)

Iran ready to discuss nuclear issues without pressure from West

The President of Iran said the country is ready to discuss its nuclear projects, but without the pressure from western countries. In a recent interview, former Iranian Diplomat Amir Mousavi issued the threat that Iran could present great danger to western nations if the U.S. doesn’t agree with their nuclear deal conditions.