One America News Network to air a Benghazi Special Report this Wednesday at 10 PM ET

Betrayal at Benghazi: The Cost of Hillary Clinton’s Dereliction & Greed to Air on One America News Network on the eve of Hillary Clinton’s Oct. 22nd testimony before Congress

Washington, D.C., October 19, 2015 –One America News Network will air a thirty minute Benghazi special titled, Betrayal at Benghazi: The Cost of Hillary Clinton’s Dereliction & Greed, on the eve of former Secretary of State Clinton’s October 22nd testimony before Congress. The special will air at 6 pm and 10 pm ET.

The special report features exclusive interviews with Representative and former House Oversight Committee Darrell Issa, Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator Rand Paul, Senator James Inhofe, retired Army Lt. Gen. William Boykin, a former commanding general of Army Special Operations Command, and national talk show host Mark Levin.

The Benghazi report provides viewers with critical background information about the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on American facilities in Benghazi, the failures of President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to send help before and during the attacks and catalogs new information about Clinton-related business interests that influenced the former Secretary of State’s judgment.

According to Neil W. McCabe, political reporter and host of the special for One America News Network, “In addition to the amazing insights provided by leaders on Capitol Hill and General Boykin, it was an honor to work with Charles Woods, the father of Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, one of the four Americans killed in the Benghazi attacks.”

“The role of Sidney Blumenthal and his representation of business interests seeking lucrative agreements in Libya is a fascinating twist. The economic pursuits and Blumenthal’s close ties to the Clinton’s simply isn’t well known to many Americans and the complete details haven’t been fully disclosed. American’s don’t realize the impact and import of his relationship with the former Secretary of State Clinton,” stated McCabe.

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  1. pillerfee is a left wing nut job, the best way to deal with people who refuse to accept the truth is to ignore them and move on. That poster is not worth the time it takes to reply to the posts. The purpose for those posts is simple, to agitate you guys. Just consider the numb brain left wing source and push on.

    • so refuse to acknowledge the differences that make us human and simply pass away possibility for probability and this is why conservatives are losing the battle all over the planet, I see Canada just became liberal and with so many of our so called allies who are socialist or at least progressive.
      you can’t just dig your heals in the sand and refuse to march forward with this world. Liberals will always be with you because we are the “all encompassing” human …and without us you would still be using stone tools and crouching before a burning bush in fear.

  2. This will be priority viewing, tonight.
    It’s too bad that OANN has such a limited audience.
    Hopefully, this will go “viral”, somehow, and more concerned Americans will be informed.

    No doubt, the “pilarFee” creatures will be making all kinds of snarky, hate-filled comment about “cons”, and defending their harpy queen with avengence, throwing every possible partisan grenade in their twisted arsenal, with a total disregard for what is true…what is right…and what must be done.
    Their type does not care one bit about the families of the dead, or the Rule of Law.

    • spare me and the rational world who is NOT confused by the conservative drivel, the GOP is a tiny island all alone, conservatives all around the globe are falling down, ISIS, Putin, Sharia lawlessness, and harsh governments like syria …all kin in the same ideologies of repression. Canada just lifted itself to a higher standard and soon the US will also, if not this election expect more progressive moves in the future, you’d better hope Hillary wins because real progressives don’t want her at all. She is the GOP’s best bet, sanders will NOT be playing ball.

      • BTW try caring about the living and not so much about the dead, another one of those conservative wasteful ventures. you could have fed an entire population on what the GOP has wasted on a email server witch hunt, one day these spenders will face charges for wasting money on dead people, emails, and chasing down a president for having an affair. let me ask you , do you have a Jesus among you? cause you can’t unscandal your own party so you just squish everything else in the way.

  3. I am waiting for Obama’s influence in this outrage, if Hillary goes down there is a good chance he will follow, he will stop at nothing to prevent Hillary being exposed for what she did

    • I’ll play along ….. so what’s your answer steve, the GOP doesn’t own one, just a broken pointy finger and the same rhetoric as you just posted. Sorry Steve even broken Hillary is miles ahead of your candidates in terms of balance for the “masses”, the GOP offers no “real world” solutions that encompasses everyone who has the same rights under the auspice of a constitution which states ALL are created equal …the GOP only offers complaints and failed policies towards the masses. its just a matter of time steve before the GOP leaves behind the regressive teaparty folk.

  4. Lots of exclusive interviews. I look forward to hearing what Darrell Issa has to say. He was leading the charge for sometime. Glad I have AT&T uverse and can record.

  5. Everyone knows Ms. Clinton has a problem with the truth. I don’t know what the issue is.

    • mankind has a understanding problem and they keep trying to hire the same dimwits as they have in congress.

      • now you’re getting it, hillary landed under sniper fire and ole joe was for the bin laden raid. same people, more lies

        • all of them. i found bernie sanders however is different just like obama is different. Like their politics or not they are both transparent and honest, the rest of pack seem greedy and or manipulative. Dems are people who center with me working for mankind’s forward movement away from the dark ages of regressive thought and phobias.

      • “mankind”…does that include you?
        Or, are you a special species?

        • no, I’m of density mostly like you – I would assume, but even that is a guess since we live in a flexible multidimensional matrix that allows all types to pass through. I could be a stranger just passing through this thick layer of lower thought.

  6. Rand Paul says this was “an accident…”

    No, Rand…there was nothing “accidental” about this.
    It was a deliberate, coordinated attack….deliberately ignored with a coordinated effort to cover up our POYUS’s & SecDef’s malfeasance, negligence and dereliction of duty.

    Don’t sugar coat “accessory to murder”.

    • feel free to make it all up, another opinion or prescribed fact? lol

      • What am I making up, oh enlighten3ed one?
        Are the Americans dead, or not?
        Did they request security help, or not.
        Was your harpy queen the Secretary of State then, or not?
        Exaclt WHAT about that is “opinion”?

        Come on…put your best tinfoil hat on and give some self-impressed diatribe about how everything is relative and nothing is what we think it is…..because, you, and only YOU, know the “truth”, right?
        You have obviously convinced yourself that YOU are some sort of political-social genius that cannot be argued with.
        That signifies a small, closed a& limited mind.
        But then, that shows through all the partisan, myopic hate you project, mistaking it for wit & wisdom.

        Spew what you will, oh tiny-minded one, we all know your pathology requires it.
        Enjoy the crow you will certainly be eating, in the near future….though we know you’ll NEVER admit it, your arrogance forbids that.

  7. great more tax payer money being spent over dead people, do you conservatives care about the homeless people who are still alive on this planet or just about dead well-paid avatars you can use to joist with the polls? no wonder your party in in the toilet that’s where it belongs, I bet if the ambassador had been a black woman liberal NO conservatives would have lifted a voice unless to cheer.

    • LOL. We have a FAR left wing lib on OANN, that means its making an impact!! YES. Keep typing there piller, mommy will have your “samwich” soon.

    • …and if it were YOUR son, husband or brother, would the money be “wasted”, still?

      You liberals sure do have your priorities lodged firmly up your cranial-rectal docking port.

      Homeless people?
      When was the last time YOU went out and fed, clothed and housed a “homeless’ person?
      NEVER…right? Hypocrite!
      Your party’s inherent racism shows in your last sentence….only a liberals would go there, because racial division is the Democrat’s stock in trade.

      BTW – Which party has a more diverse group of Presidential candidates….and which party only has old, starchy white professional politicians?

      • you will probably live less than 20,000 days, millions die each day from hunger, starvation, killers, bombs, old age, etc etc. so are you checking to see if Hillary is to blame for that too?

        you conservatives need to grow a set and stop belly aching over every little thing that frightens you, … and you wear flag pins and recite the home of the brave as if you are, worried about aliens, borders, gun grabs, loss of religion in politics, loss of white identity, learn to breath.

        • @pillarFee, what have done for America except follow your leaders in lockstep and repeat their lies?

          • thats one way to look at it, but its not the whole picture, we actually believe in the ideal …not just the messenger, in our case we have both just like republicans has regan for a while while we waited for better.

    • I thought the problem of homelessness had been solved in the Obama presidency. We never hear about the homeless anymore in the media (like we did when Bush, or any Republican was president). So it must be solved right?

      • really I don’t know how any awake person could say homelessness is curable in this present timeline let alone believe one man could fix it. this is a subject that way beyond the scope of humankind on this planet at this time given the amount of humans who are presently in a perpetual state of sleep walking. but this is being corrected everyday, welcome to the pain – or pleasure depending on your psychology. for me this is a remarkable time to be alive!

    • Speaking of the Ambassador who was killed, he was gay. So I guess by your logic, since no Democrats seem concerned about what happened in Benghazi, that means Democrats don’t care if gays are murdered.

      Why do you Democrats hate gays so much?

    • So you’re saying that OANN gets taxpayer money? Another liberal lie! Remember when you liberal dumbasses said that 9/11 happened on Bush’s watch even though he had only been in office for nine months and most of the planning was done under the first clinton presidency? This one happened under the obama watch by another clinton.

  8. D. Margalit | October 19, 2015 at 7:47 pm |

    Please bring back Tomi Lahren!!! She was the best anchor on your station!!! Loved her delivery.

  9. FINALLY, FINALLY someone is talking about Benghazi! Remember when H ran against O? She had a video ad that showed the phone ringing in the middle of the night & she answered as though she was prepared for any emergency. Well, I guess as Secretary of State she couldn’t wake up. Maybe she was in too deep of a sleep from her drinking problem. Something strong made her fall and hit her head, which seems to have continued to affect her to this day. Anyway, if I had a hat, I’d be off to you OAN.

    • stop pretending to know the unknowable, you haven’t seen with your own eyes anything you just wrote. wow conservatives are the scary delusionals.

      • Can you say “opinion”?
        I didn’t think so.
        You liberals sure do get butt-hurt really easily.
        Will the lot of you EVER be able to admit that voting for Obama, and following his false Yellow Brick Road was a mistake based on emotion, and completely devoid of logic & reason?
        Didn’t think you capable of that either.

        • can you say “irrelevant” – you know they say opinions are like AssH0les everyone has one”, well you don’t see people exposing their keesters every time their brain shuts down from the obvious.

        • I love Obama I would vote for him again and again, just because you can’t appreciate him or the failure to launch yourself or whatever your excuse is … it’s too bad, here his is in your face and more people wanted him than anything conservative have. He’d win again today if he could run no doubt about it. I’m sorry you’re having such a terrible time and you need someone to blame other than yourself, but that’s typical of the needy conservative.

      • The evidence is there, tons of it! Its people and mainstream media that will not face the FACTS! Not unknowable…. KNOWN fact pillerfree. besides who listens or watches mainstream media. OANN for the truth.

        • you’re talking to a man who doesn’t even conceive the word fact to be a reality given the multidimensional world in which we live, have you not concluded yet in your waking state (if possible) that one man’s fact is another man’s fiction? do you think the other side is making it all up just to mess with you? sorry, we don’t have that much time to waste.

      • Puller fee,
        You are a blind sheep. Open your eyes and your mind …quickly.

        • all faculties are functioning perfectly my friend you must remember ” it takes a village to make a people” we don’t see eye to eye on the same things but that doesn’t mean we don’t share the same wants. it’s the methodologies to acquire the same shared resources that’s usually in question. one of the smallest examples – its been my observation black conservatives don’t complain about receiving assistance in the welfare line but white conservatives in that same line usually do, I think it has a lot to do with ego. go figure.

          • Stop pretending to know the unknowable, you haven’t seen with your own eyes anything you just wrote. You knucklehead! Go troll somewhere else.

          • I’ve seen everything I say, just ask me debi…

  10. Dan Overton | October 19, 2015 at 6:48 pm |

    Same with Cox. It will be on youtube I am sure.

  11. Wish that I could GET OAN on Comcast.
    Could you please put it on Comcast ?
    Thank you,
    Sherrie Williamson

    • not enough conservatives to support it, you’re the minority now get use to it.

      • watch and weep, lib commie !!

        • easy there rufus …so 5th grade world history was too much for you, even the leader of Iran Ali Khamenei said your TOP GOP leader board couldn’t find Iran with a map.

        • “Oh Canada!”
          you just lost another countries there douglass to liberal progression, it’s not looking too good for the reptiles.

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