One America News Concludes Bombshell Interviews With Former Ukrainian Officials Including Lutsenko And Biden Dictated Fired General Prosecutor Shokin

OAN’s Chanel Rion Interviews Key First Hand Witnesses in Budapest and Kiev that Destroy Schiff’s Impeachment Narrative

WASHINGTON, D.C., December 5, 2019 – One America News Network (“OAN”) confirms that its White House Correspondent and Investigative Reporter, Chanel Rion, has concluded a second round of exclusive interviews with former Ukrainian officials in Budapest and Kiev that call into question the Democrats’ impeachment narrative.

One America News has begun airing an initial seven minute news package featuring Yuriy Lutsenko, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine from May 2016 to August 2019.  Lutsenko makes the bombshell announcement that recalled former US Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch was not forthright with the American people during her public sworn testimony before the House Intel Committee regarding her request to hinder the Prosecutor General’s investigations.

Further, Lutsenko claims former Ambassador Yovanovitch “blocked” Ukrainian prosecutors from working with US officials  to address significant corruption in Ukraine.  Lutsenko offers a letter he wrote, as evidence, asking for the  “cooperation in investigation against the criminal organization of Yanukovytch and regarding possible investment in the US based mutual (funds) and other funds for the purpose of money laundering.”

Chanel Rion conducted a sit-down interview with numerous other Ukrainian officials, including a bombshell interview of former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.  Shokin was fired after Vice President Joe Biden demanded Shokin’s termination within six hours, threatening to withhold US funds needed by Ukraine.  One America News will be featuring segments from the interview on-air shortly, with a complete hour-long program highlighting all recently conducted interviews scheduled for Saturday, December 15th.

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One America News offers the transcript of Mr. Yuriy Lutsenko’s statement, made to OAN’s Chanel Rion, from the package currently airing on OAN:

So everything was good but then Yovanovitch visited me. Ambassador Yovanovitch and Mr. Kent, they visited me for a small negotiation or talkings.

Yes, firstly I visited her in her office and then it was the second meeting, but the first was in my office they visited me and we spoke normally and she asked me to change some old deputies.

But then she asked me about to close case of one person, then the, I said it is impossible. I couldn’t close any case without investigation. So I took a piece of paper on my table and I write these three not cases but surnames. Kasko, Leshchenko, Shabunin. Okay, okay. Miss Ambassador, Madam Ambassador lets continue your untouchable list. She asked me why I so serious. Then I destroyed this list said while I am general prosecutor no president nor ambassador could give me, could announce me such lists. That was the full story, so she run immediately from the office and my boy the, in the office doors asked me what you told her, huge red face, very angry. I didn’t agree to receive any orders to open or to close criminal cases.

Our interpreter made a small mistake. He said in Ukrainian “ona ozvuchila” She announced me surnames, but my interpreter said he, as far as I remember, gave me a list. So announced and to gave certainly is a difference and Yovanovitch now used this mistake of interpreter to speak that there was no such story. Yes, there was no list. But, there was announced of three surnames.

I was once again shocked when madame Yovanovitch told two members of the committee that Lutsenko asked me to organize his meeting with American attorney general but you know gentlemen that there is a procedure for this she told, the procedure that Lutsenko should even, must give us and short topic what points he want he wants to discuss with American law enforcement bodies, and Yovanovitch said and he never gave us such an information. I have bad news for madame Yovanovitch. This is my letter, my deputy letter to request for cooperation in investigation against the criminal organization of Yanukovytch and regarding possible investment in the US based mutual and other funds for the purpose of money laundering. Their legal attache, office of the legal attache US embassy.

October of 16 er, 12 uh of 17, the October of 2017. Here is stamps, signatures, everything.

So she been under oath she declare in the Congress that I never sent any information. This is official letter about topic I wanted to discuss in the US and Yovanovitch blocked me. She never answered me after this request and she lied in Congress. This is the evidence. I am happy that I have this document because how I could explain to American public that I am right. This this is this document with signature with stamps with everything.