Nikki Haley calls emergency UN meeting on Ukraine

OAN Newsroom
8:12 PT – Sun. Nov. 25, 2018

Outgoing UN Ambassador Nikki Haley says the Security Council will hold and emergency meeting following a conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

The meeting is set for 11 a.m. Monday, according to post to her Twitter account today, after the Russian Navy fired at and seized three Ukrainian vessels in the Kerch Strait.

Ukraine said it’s considering a military response to this latest act of aggression.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin accused Ukraine of provocation, claiming its vessels were in Russia’s territorial waters.

Anton Lozovoy, a Russian Security Services official, says the vessels “continue moving towards the Kerch Strait where there is a procedure for vessels’ moving and anchoring approved by a captain of this Russian sea port.”

Russia is reportedly behind the request for the Security Council to meet to address, what could be, a tipping point in the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

The vessel had a right to freely pass over the Kerch Strait based on international law, according to Ukrainian authorities.

Shortly after the incident local media reported military clashes on the ground in Eastern Ukraine.

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