Biden to create army of equity bureaucrats

(Photo by Ukrainian Presidential Press Office via Getty Images)
(Photo by Ukrainian Presidential Press Office via Getty Images)

OAN Geraldyn Berry
UPDATED 2:15 PM PT – Thursday, February 23, 2023

President Joe Biden has signed an executive order on Thursday that critics say could open the door to the development of woke artificial intelligence (AI) that “promotes racial discord and bigotry.”

All federal agencies are required under the order to create an annual “equity action plan” with the goal of assisting “underserved areas.”

“Achieving racial equity and support for underserved communities is not a one-time project,” the new order said Thursday. “It must be a multi-generational commitment, and it must remain the responsibility of agencies across the Federal Government.”

In the directive, it is required that the “agency equity teams” be established by each secretary in Biden’s cabinet within 30 days. These teams will be made up of career officials and presidential appointees from the competitive service. Due to union rights, the need for justification, and other drawn-out procedures, career officials are notoriously difficult to fire.

“Each Agency Equity Team shall support continued equity training and equity leadership development for staff across all levels of the agency’s workforce,” the order said..

To note, the order implies that those people hired will probably continue to work for the federal government long after Biden leaves office.

On Twitter, both political influencers and I.T. professionals denounced this endeavor as being a moral hazard, calling it a danger for society.

“Biden is not a moderate. This is a legal sprint to inject as much radical ideology as broadly and as deeply as possible in our government. This cannot be allowed,” Manhattan Institute fellow Colin Wright said. “If Republicans take office, they must fully root out all of this ideological and social cancer.”

Others on the platform have then compared the president’s new move to the uprising of killer robots in the Terminator movie series, naming it, “Biden Administration working on T-1000 woke edition.”