Iranian lawmakers call on Europe to fulfill nuclear deal promises

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 10:36 AM PT – Tuesday, July 16 , 2019

Iran is threatening to reduce its commitment to the 2015 nuclear deal if European signatories fail to fulfill their part of the accord. The statement made by Iranian lawmakers followed a meeting in Brussels, where European leaders discussed ways to push for Tehran and Washington start a dialogue.

Iran has denied any possibility of negotiations with Washington, and said its Europe’s responsibility to protect Tehran from the U.S. sanctions.

“It was clear for us from the start that America would leave – that’s why we told our European counterparts that if America leaves, we will hold you responsible. Right now, Europe is obligated towards us on this matter and has to solve this problem. If it doesn’t, we have no obligation and we will do our own thing.”

–Qolamreza Tajgardoun, member of parliament – Iran

Malta’s Foreign Minister Carmelo Abela talks with his British counterpart Jeremy Hunt during an EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels, Belgium, July 15, 2019. (REUTERS/Photo)

The Ayatollah regime has already lifted limits on the country’s uranium enrichment after the U.S. imposed economically crippling sanctions.

The EU leaders said Iran’s non-compliance with Obama-era deal would not be that significant, and decided to focus on diplomatic efforts to save the 2015 deal.