GOP candidate Jon Hollis hopes to unseat Rep. Adam Schiff

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 11:15 AM PT — Monday, August 12, 2019

California Congressman Adam Schiff is set to face a new challenger in 2020. Republican candidate Jon Hollis announced his congressional bid last week in hopes of unseating the Democrat lawmaker, who has held the seat since 2013. One America News had a chance to speak with Hollis to learn more about his efforts and his hopes for the golden state.

“I live and work in my district and I have been for the past seven years or so, and I’ve watched over the past seven years — its been slowly starting to fall apart, the homeless issue has become a huge problem,” he explained.

The homeless crisis has been a hot topic among candidates, especially for areas like District 28 which includes parts of Los Angeles County where around 59,000 people are battling homelessness. According to recent data by the LA Times, the number of people living on the streets of Los Angeles County jumped 12-percent since last year, while homelessness in the city increased by 16-percent.

Republican Jon Hollis is pictured. (Photo/handout/Hollis for Congress Campaign)

When asked how he would combat this issue. Hollis has this to say:

“The root cause is this mental health crisis…so even if you don’t have a mental disorder when your pushed to the street, often time you develop one while you’re there. So, even if you get someone a house or get someone a job, they’re still dealing with these mental health issues that no body is addressing.”

Although a good promise to run on, unseating Schiff wont come easy as the district is considered to be a Democrat stronghold. Additionally, there are five other candidates vying for the spot, including Eric Early, Jennifer Barbosa, Maebe Girl and Akinyeme Agbede.

However, if elected Hollis says he will work to address the homeless crisis, crumbling infrastructure, and corruption among government officials.