FBI completes probe into Kavanaugh claims

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UPDATED 6:35 AM PT — Thurs. Oct. 4, 2018

The Senate Judiciary Committee is limiting circulation of the FBI’s findings on sexual misconduct claims against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reassured both parties from the upper chambers late Wednesday evening by saying they will have full access to the agency’s findings.

Senators and 10 staffers will be allotted one-hour segments to review and discuss the results of the probe Thursday. However, any notes taken in relation to the documents must be destroyed or handed over to officials due to federal classification procedures.

The majority leader also filed a cloture motion, giving Senate lawmakers until Friday to debate on Kavanaugh.

If Kavanaugh receives enough support in Friday’s key vote the full Senate will likely vote on his confirmation Saturday.

“There will be plenty of time for members review and to be briefed on the supplemental material, for a Friday cloture vote, so I’m filing cloture vote on Judge Kavanaugh this evening so the process can move forward as I indicated earlier this week,” stated McConnell.

His announcement came just hours before the White House revealed it received and reviewed interview transcripts from the FBI.

Officials claim the documents do not support Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s claims of attempted rape by Kavanaugh and his high school class mate Mark Judge 36 years ago.

Christine Blasey Ford (L) Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh (R) testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018. (LEFT PHOTO/AP/Andrew Harnik; RIGHT PHOTO/AP/Jim Bourg)

Senate Republicans, including Foreign Relations Committee Chair Bob Corker, are calling for the FBI’s findings to be made public to maintain transparency.

“I wish and hope still that there’s some way for a public report can be given so we’re all dealing off the same sheet,” Corker stated. “As you know, things like this leak and I worry that what ends up happening is one side leaks…things that are good for their side, and the other side and so it would be much better if there were a common document.”

McConnell has implied his party has the votes to confirm Kavanaugh to the nation’s highest court, however, a potential showdown by Senate Democrats cannot be ruled out just yet.

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