DHS exec’s attention grab falls flat with those who served with him

Christina Bobb — OAN Correspondent, Washington, D.C.
UPDATED 11:07 AM PT – Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Miles Taylor, my former colleague at the Department of Homeland Security recently wrote a scathing op-ed about President Trump and endorsed Joe Biden in an advertisement paid for by Republican Voters Against Trump. “What we saw, week in and week out, after two and a half years in that Administration, was terrifying,” said Taylor.

Christina Bobb, former Executive Secretary of DHS

I wish I could tell you I’m shocked at the disgusting mischaracterization of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and President Trump by Miles Taylor this week, but I’m not. This is typical Miles. I was the Executive Secretary for DHS under Secretary Nielsen while Chad Wolf was the Chief of Staff. Miles was the Deputy Chief of Staff and a policy counselor for almost all of his tenure at the Department. Contrary to what his ad and article imply, he only held the role of Chief of Staff for a number of weeks, maybe eight, until he was fired.

From his time as a counselor and then Deputy Chief of Staff, Miles Taylor lobbied hard and promoted himself into a position he was ill-equipped to handle. When Wolf Blitzer asked Jared Kushner to respond to Taylor’s damning comments, Kushner responded “Miles was a nice kid. He worked here for a couple years.” After explaining that no wall had been built during Taylor’s tenure, the President decided to change up the team. Kushner added “clearly, [Taylor] wasn’t up to the task.” He wasn’t. Miles was not equipped to handle the position of Chief of Staff and that was apparent to everyone except Miles. He only lasted a few weeks in the role.

In his Washington Post article, Taylor discusses a March 28, 2019 Oval Office meeting where the President discussed closing the California-Mexico border. Taylor tries to paint the President as irrational and expresses frustration at “Trump’s indiscipline.” His article failed to mention that he was fired a week later. Taylor tries to evoke outrage in his reader by stating Trump wanted to close the border. While that tactic worked in 2018, it’s 2020. The border is closed.

Secretary Nielsen group photo with the Executive Secretary and staff.

Taylor depicts himself as a valiant savior who “talked [Trump] out of bad ideas at the last moment.” Said another way, Taylor obstructed the Administration’s goals. Not to mention, Taylor, himself, was nowhere near the Oval Office for most of his time at DHS, but learned of the information second hand. Once he finally attended a meeting with the President, he was recognized for what he is, a fraud, and was promptly fired.

Serving the President of the United States is an honor. I feel very privileged to have served the Trump Administration at the Department of Homeland Security for the time that I did. I thought all of us felt that way. We had late nights, early mornings, and a thankless barrage of media outlets twisting our story. Yet, we were in it together. Most of us were, anyway. Miles betrayed us. His actions announce to the world that no one can trust him. He will turn on a dime if he thinks it’s self-serving. He’ll twist private conversations for public spectacle. He was fired for his inability to get a job done, sold out to Google, and now expects us to believe him a year and a half later.

Bashing Trump allows him to ingratiate himself with the powers that be. Even the Biden campaign stated, when asked by CNN, that they did not reach out to Taylor and have had no contact with him. This is completely initiated and concocted by Taylor, for Taylor. For those of us that know him and are familiar with his work, I can’t help but think of what happened the last time he promoted himself to a position above his head. He was promptly fired. How long before he runs for office?

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