Chris Christie: Turmoil at Trump admin. goes back to ‘poorly run’ transition team

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 8:09 AM PT – Monday, July 15 , 2019

Over the weekend, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie pointed out recent departures from the Trump administration may go back to his transition team. The Republican said the president’s transition team was ‘poorly run,’ and many members of his administration were not vetted thoroughly enough.

As a result of this, Christie believes President Trump discovered many of his administration officials were not qualified for their jobs after watching them in action. Christie had been in charge of the Trump transition team until his dismissal shortly after the 2016 election. He claimed current turmoil at the White House was “predictable.”

Chris Christie (R) speaks to reporters in Trenton, N.J. (AP Photo)

“As I’ve been saying for two and a half years now — this was predictable,” he stated. “If you don’t run a professional transition, you wind up with people not up to the job, and when you wind up with people who are not up to the job, you have to get rid of them when you see them not being able to do the job.”

Christie’s remarks come just days after Labor Secretary Alex Acosta announced his resignation over the controversial plea deal for Jeffrey Epstein.