Pearson Sharp grew up in a small farming community in central Ohio, hiking and camping in the woods around his home. After graduating high school, he moved to Colorado, where he attended the University of Colorado in Boulder, studying English and creative writing. An early love of traveling took him around Europe, eventually living in England, China, and Canada, before settling in southern California.

Writing has always been a passion for Pearson, and after doing freelance work and publishing several works of fiction, he broke into the journalism industry as a writer and producer for KUSI News in San Diego. He has an interest in international news, and focuses on conflicts across the globe—especially in places like the Middle East and Ukraine.

Pearson then joined the team to anchor and write at One America News Network, where he's excited to report on the latest news from around the world. When he's not anchoring, Pearson still loves writing, with his first science-fiction novel published in July of 2015. Visiting nearly 40 countries so far, traveling is still a big passion, and he recently visited Turkey and Ukraine, where he covered a story on the 30th anniversary of the disaster at Chernobyl.

You can get in touch with Pearson on Twitter @PearsonSharp, or email him at