Athletics-Mihambo wins second straight long jump world title

EUGENE, Ore. (Reuters) -German Olympic champion Malaika Mihambo continued her dominance in the women’s long jump by soaring to a second successive World Championship gold with a final leap of 7.12 metres in Eugene, Oregon, on Sunday.

Mihambo was on the brink of exiting the competition after faulting on her first and second jumps but recovered well to register a valid third attempt of 6.98m.

She never looked back from that point, moving into first place after crossing the seven-metre mark on her fourth jump at Hayward Field and then finishing in style with her final attempt.

“Two fault attempts at the beginning, but this time, it was different,” Mihambo said. “I am having some technical issues. Just making the last two steps too long and then did faults.

“But I knew that I can do it that I can make a valid third attempt. That is what I did and after that, there was no pressure. I am ready for such situations and I know that I can do better and just had to push myself.”

World and Olympic bronze medallist Ese Brume of Nigeria claimed silver with 7.02m, while Brazil’s Leticia Oro Melo took bronze with 6.89m, a personal best.

“I was leading and wanted the gold but I am grateful because last time I got the bronze and I am silver now,” Brume said.

Australia’s Brooke Buschkuehl, who arrived in Eugene with the biggest jump of the season of 7.13m, finished fifth, while 2019 silver medallist Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk ended in eighth place.

(Reporting by Aadi Nair in Bengaluru; Editing by Christopher Cushing)