A Closer Look At The Media’s Narrative On The Arizona Audit Results

Christina Bobb
Host of Weekly Briefing on One America News
Tuesday, October 12, 2021

A Closer Look At The Media’s Narrative On The Arizona Audit ResultsAfter five months of fighting the Republican Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, the Democrat Establishment, and several liberal special interest groups, the Arizona Senate finally won in court and got the “go ahead” to conduct the largest forensic election audit ever conducted in the country.  They fought to re-establish their authority, and they won.  Their reward was six more months of fighting the same parties, this time in the press, who ridiculed and lied about the audit process, questioned the auditors’ credibility, and smeared them across the nation calling the audit a joke.

For six more months, the auditors diligently examined every piece of information to which they could get access. Maricopa County continued to play games, hide the ball, and obstruct, all while calling the auditors names, vilifying them, and hurling insults.  The auditors never retaliated, and the Arizona Senate stood its ground, determined to give the people of Arizona the audit they demanded.

Finally, once the results arrived, the auditors had proven themselves to be everything their haters said they weren’t.  They were honest, transparent, and acknowledged the findings.  For nearly a year, the Arizona Senate, and the auditors, withstood the barrage of attacks from Republican County officials, Democrat elected officials, and special interest groups.  They didn’t know their biggest fight lay ahead of them.  The media.

The Arizona Audit Report showed tens of thousands of questionable votes, illegal voting practices, and what appeared to be outright fraud. Experts reported catching people on camera deleting evidence, and intentionally trying to obstruct any investigation into the 2020 election.  Ballot envelope images appeared to be manipulated or fake.  The County was missing records for hundreds of thousands of votes that didn’t appear to have a corresponding voter.  There was enough evidence to show that the outcome of the Arizona election could have been change at least four to five times, likely more.  The report also showed that if all of the votes are counted, including those that they believe to be fraudulent, the vote comes fairly close to what the county certified.  However, the report cautioned, there are likely a number of fraudulent votes, enough of which could have changed the outcome of the election.

Corporate media, the Establishment’s biggest weapon, quickly promulgated headlines touting The Arizona Audit Report Confirms a Biden Victory!  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  The report showed FRAUD!  The report showed people cheated and manipulated information.  But that doesn’t fit The Narrative.  Corporate media feeds on power, and it gets its power by manipulating people into believing a version of reality that powerful people want others to accept.

A Closer Look At The Media’s Narrative On The Arizona Audit ResultsWe’re at a point now where The Narrative has become so outrageous that Americans are struggling to accept it.  We used to accept The Narrative out of convenience, because we all preferred to focus on our own lives. We knew the media lied, but didn’t care that much, because everyday life mattered more.  Now, the lies are to the point where willfully ignorant Americans can no longer accept The Narrative and are pushing back.

Do we honestly believe Joe Biden was the most popular President in American history, winning 80 million votes?  No.  Just this week, Rasmussen published a poll showing 56% of Americans believe cheating affected the outcome of the election.[1]  But Americans accepted the outcome, because it’s an easier solution than having to solve an election crisis.  As a result of that acceptance, 13 American heroes are dead.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans are stranded in Afghanistan.  Pilots and healthcare workers are out of a job.  The American economy is in the tank.  Our Freedom of Speech is censored.  The Narrative no longer works.  It’s not believable.

The Narrative says that the Arizona Audit confirmed a Biden victory.  That’s simply not true, and a harbinger of the bigger more unbelievable lies they will try to force us to accept if we continue to allow them to dictate an altered reality. The truth is that the report showed fraud…a lot of it.  The truth is that Republicans and Democrats obstructed transparency.  The truth is that Trump won, and the media doesn’t want America to figure that out.

[1] https://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/general_politics/october_2021/vote_by_mail_most_voters_think_it_will_cause_more_cheating/?oRef=ncl_amplify