White House Pushes for Healthcare Vote

July 13, 2017

Washington, D.C- Trey Yingst, OAN Chief White House Correspondent

As President Trump meets with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris, his team in Washington is working with the Senate to rally support for the latest Senate Healthcare Bill.

A Senior White House official told One America News that President Trump has prepared a weekly address for Friday that will focus solely on healthcare.

That official went on to say that the White House Office of Legislative Affairs and Domestic Policy Council are working ‘hand in glove’ with the Senate to pass the healthcare bill.

A new draft of the bill was released by lawmakers Thursday and makes a number of key changes in an effort to rally the support needed to move the bill onto the President’s desk.


“President Trump and I look forward to the Senate voting on this bill as early as next week,” Vice President Mike Pence said Thursday.

The President is expected to speak via phone with Senators over the weekend when he returns from France ,to continue White House initiative to get more lawmakers on board.





  • Rose Rights

    $1,469/month for me and my husband. We have a co-pay and low cost on prescriptions, $4,000 deductible each. Our insurance has steadily gone up from $846/month four years ago, to $1,469 this month.

  • No Mas

    Keep your promise!!! REPEAL OBLUNDER-REDISTRIBUTION CARE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • turnipweed

    The Congress better keep their promises to repeal 0bamacare, or we will clean house in 2018. Gotta get all those FAKE Republicans out of The Swamp.

  • Bobby Green

    The White house really doesn’t want this. Pres. Trump stated several times to just repeal it. McConnell and Ryan are the only ones pushing this because I believe they feel it will fail and they never were behind it in the first place (that’s why they did this behind closed doors). Let the democrats own this going into 2018. They can explain to their constituents why this Obamacare is so good while their premiums skyrocket and their deductibles keep them out of hospitals.

  • Lauren

    Why can’t healthcare just go back to what it was Pre-Obama. Changes can be made on an individual basis as needed rather than some giant bulk healthcare pack. Its like buying one of those fireworks packages, they almost always inevitably have a bunch of duds mixed in with the good ones because there just isn’t enough time to assess them individually. I think its a mistake to introduce a different healthcare bill than what was in place prior to Obama administration. I think it needs to go back to the drawing board for now so premiums will at least go down. Preexisting conditions could be covered under medicaid for those who have the financial need or cannot access insurance for it.

  • limapie

    so this is all stupid…this replace. Do you know, should the GOP senate and then the House again actually get a ‘replace’ passed…Trump will sign…yes…BUT YEARS AND YEARS of expensive litigation will go on. The dems are already fund raising for all the suing that they will be doing!!! They will sue for at least 3 and 1/2 years and then if another GOP gets in the WH…another 4 years!!!

    So….PLEASE just repeal

    • HarryObrian

      Never happen, 0bammyCare is just one step closer to the globalist wish of single-payer and every RINO and Commie in DC will commit Hari Kari before repealing 0bammyCare. Government got huge when they created the unconstitutional 0bammyCare and they ain’t about to let it get smaller… thieves.

  • Mary Valley

    Just get it done. You can continue to add to it, to improve it later.

  • Dr Food

    This entire exercise is one futility. Let the damn thing explode, then concentrate on free market solutions that allow each policy holder the right to pick and chose the features they desire in their “private” health insurance policy. Yes, I believe we should be steadfast in helping those that need a hand up, but am opposed to giving a hand out as it is unfair to those that do not meet an abstract definition and are marginalized only because they are now viewed as a statistic. At some point in many people’s life they need a boost or helping hand and I, along with millions of other conservatives, are fine with that. Making it a life style is another story alltogether.

  • DC Cooper

    I don’t believe Trump knows anything about the bill. He has been pushing everything regardless of whether it’s good or bad. Just wants to say he won. I thought he told America he had a beautiful plan thats gonna cover everyone, save medicaid too?

  • j jones

    The Senators who would have voted No Arebeing bribed by The mouse McConnell into voting yes, typical Republican move

    • gasssit

      just like the Dems did with their plan. Very disheartening

  • Rose Rights

    Repeal Obamacare now! Stop freaking with us. We the People are growing weary of lying, cheating swamp dwellers who do nothing but hurt America, and We the People, while they grow rich from corruption. Build a wall, and end benefits for government workers, and politicians, while you’re at it.

    • turnipweed

      Run! You’ve got my vote!

      But wait, they all say that until they’re elected…

  • Noli Timere

    REPEAL, just like all the RINOS promised.

    Too bad they all adopted the DNC “fund medicaid” mantra to save the opioid victims.

    We are being played by the ones we voted for. Senators Portman & Collins, Etc…..

    • HarryObrian

      Just a continuation of the Barry administration where headlines mean everything and reality and content mean nothing.

  • sparks69

    Get it done so we can get in to conference committee and put in all the stuff we need

  • Jim Cavanagh

    It is time for Republicans to have guts and get real it is high time for repeal

    • HarryObrian

      Having guts doesn’t fill their wallets with lobbyist and special interest graft.

    • limapie

      AMERICANS have waited 6 years to get our freedom back. The gov has NO BUSINESS in any health care. We are a capitalistic society…not a socialistic one!!

      • turnipweed

        FAKE Republicans disagree.

  • j jones

    Just.et it die

  • Scott f.

    Lee, cruz, and rand, your hated anyway by msm and rinos. So save us from this McConnell /rino bill and vote no.we don’t desire Obama care lite.

    • HarryObrian


  • REM

    I have a feeling we’re being played by very clever actors. They don’t want a good health care bill because the insurance lobbyists are putting pressure on them but you watch they’ll keep funding Obama Care.

    They will treat tax reform as nitro glycerin because they don’t want to give the cuts.

    Watch they will never fund the wall either and the judges will attempt to stop the construction of the wall, citing endangered species.

    We prayed and rallied around Trump to get him elected just so these sob’s can get in our way? Their goal is to run out the clock on Trump.

    Do you really think a strong Republican Congress firmly supporting the president would allow this “Russian” witch hunt?

    • #9

      Could be. The problem is we have a very strong and great president and politicains that what politics as usual. Bed wetting thumb suckers. I’m very proud of President Trump! He doesn’t deserve this.

      • REM

        Agree no problems with our President.

        • j jones

          Get real

          • Santokitime

            Your sick

          • j jones

            What happen to Trump care

          • j jones

            DOA as it should be

          • j jones

            You to sick

      • j jones

        Yes he does

    • come and take it

      but i thought trump was a deal maker? i mean he did write “the art of the deal”, didn’t he?

      he’s a bidnessman who knows, how did the trumpanzees put it?…get things done, ‘member?

      he’s gonna save ‘mericuh and maga!!!

      • Jim Ruddy

        Oh please!!! The art of the deal was written with actual people in mind ya moron!! A simian left wing nut is not considered a real person regardless of what KILLERY says!! Trumps biggest disappointment is the lack of intellectual ability in the DISTRICT!! This is not Trumps problem it, is ours to clean up!!

      • j jones

        Only in la La land

    • Jim Ruddy

      Oh please. This is about the health bill not the Russians. Stop playing the left wing nut moron part. We do not nor have we ever had a “strong” Republican congress. The “witch hunt” is from the media moron not congress!! Where do you live by the way, Canada?? Trump is not the problem here dumbo, the would be conservatives are the real problem. Now put down the bong or what ever you are smoking and pay attention for a change!!

    • HarryObrian

      Actors? yes… Clever? no… not since the internet, even with their intentional de-education of the last two generations. As with all actors, their 2 dimensional handling of a 3 dimensional world is severely lacking and obvious.

  • #9

    The Senator form Maine said she wants a bipartisan bill before she votes yes!!!?? That would normally sound great, but I have not heard of any democrate say they will even consider a new bill. How are you going to get bipartisanship? Talk about La La Land!

    • Bill Jr

      By Putting Hillary In The White House, of Course. After All Trump & The Russians Stole The Election By Not Letting Enough Undocumented Americans From The South (read South America) and Dead People Vote Multiple Times, Because ‘It’s Only Fair’ They’ve Been Deprived, Were Deprived and Will Remain Deprived Until a Democrat Is President Again. And Don’t Forget Kids 1+ 1= Whatever You Want It To!:DNC Hack & ACLU Co-Reporting

      • #9

        Pick’in up on your sarcasm my friend! Thanks I needed that! I just can’t believe these republicans, you (we) finally have a leader after all the BS and more BS and it’s still same old political crape! They have the numbers and they’er still afraid of the evil democratic political machine??!! Our President isn’t and we the people aren’t! Bunch of bed wetting babies! Take care, loved your comments! God Bless You!

      • HarryObrian

        Ironically what the anti-Americans are trying to do and what you’re pointing out is the reversal of the 1965 voting rights act where one white vote will count less than one vote, just like it used to be with the blacks.
        Funny how they don’t teach history things like that in the de-education system anymore.

    • turnipweed

      0bamacare wasn’t exactly a bipartisan bill, so the precedent is set.