• Ruben Nery

    Maxine Waters must change her name to “Muddy Waters”.

  • WhiteFalcon

    They are Democraps. What else would you expect?

  • Franky Whiteeyes

    Harris a disgrace to the senate. A real far out left wing extreme socialist that needs to go. It’s a shame this is the best ca. Came up with. Even from a liberal point of view.

  • Dave

    Let’s demand that the majority leader of the Senate recomend empeachment of Senator Harris for political corruption to the House of Representatives. Or perhaps the Senate should simply terminate her employment with the government.

  • freethinkinglibertarian

    Are they saying the democraps are corrupt? Whaaaaaaaaat?

  • Sabage2016

    Maxine Waters don’t do nothing unless it means $$$$$$ for her. Total corruption.

  • Jacobeo500

    D’sousa is sent to jail by Obummer for going a few pennies over the limit when he gave a donation to a friend running for elective office, yet all the dems get a free pass for giving and accepting large sums in contributions and even bribes (Killary Clinton) for favors and no one is talking jail terms for them. Somehow the insane are running this asylum.

  • Tonya Parnell


  • dennis coates

    What do you expect from these California crack heads

  • IHC

    I live in Bay Area/California and Harris has always been a vile and corrupt individual. She helped Obama during his 2008 campaign in lieu of a future in DC as well as being pro-illegal policies during her term. Nothing matters when it involves black caucus members like her or Waters among others because gerrymandered districts guaranty a permanent political career DC.
    Lee – card carrying communist from Oakland or Waters and Harris they are all alike and actively promoting the idea that white America owes them reparations.

  • grandmother5

    Sorry, Harris, Waters, Schumer all of them should be investigated. Somehow I don’t see that happening. Just like Hillary, corruption with no punishment.

  • Donald York

    Corruption seems to always elude Congresswoman Waters. Will her Chickens ever come home to roost?

  • semper liber

    Harris is going to run for President and right now she is being aided by the democrats by giving her high profile assignments not normally given a junior Senator. The media will also polish her image. She’s nothing more than a California democrat who hates the Constitution.

    • grandmother5

      semper exactly what I think and that scares the hell out of me.

  • wilber harrison

    Mad Max has a Husband {If U can believe it} who also was involved in a BIG LEAGUE banking scandal..Don’t know the details, but I’m sure they would be easy to find!

    • empiresentry

      banking fraud and manipulating gov funds to her husband
      use of a non-profit college funds for her family
      use of campaign funds for personal use

  • marxsgirl

    Well now we need another special prosecuter to investigate these to idiots and the daughter of Maxi who is making a good living off of her mothers position in Congress. I thought that sort of nepotism was illegal?

    • empiresentry

      she can hire whomever she wants

  • mkdavis

    Waters and Harris are corrupt to the core all I can say is drain the Swamp and put’m in jail.

  • Hoang_oanh

    If this is illegal action, then DOJ needs to investigate a rude woman and big mouth woman soon.

  • silverbackV

    “Peanuts, popcorn, crackerjacks, endorsements”. Red Hot, gettem while there hot! “Will endorse anything for cash!”

  • Scalandria

    Two of a kind. Full of hate. Bullies.

  • catluvr

    Birds of a feather–FOUL.

  • sensen22

    How any moral person could ask for Water’s endorsement is beyond me.

    • catluvr

      Or sane person

  • CC

    No surprise at all. She came out of the Willie Brown school of politics. BTW, Loretta Sanchez was no prize either.

    • marxsgirl

      Loretta changed her last name back to Sanchez from her married name Brixey to get the Latino vote, what a boob she was/is.

  • Flagfriend

    Hey, ease up on Rep. Waters. Those James Brown wigs aren’t cheap.

    • catluvr

      Hers are.

    • grandmother5

      LOL! Good one Flagfriend.

    • TexanForever

      Looks more like a mop died with shoe polish

  • PADon16

    Jeff Sessions should jump on this – it doesn’t involve Russia so he is allowed to bring charges.

    • Loli Darling

      Did a grave for 1 you gotta dig a grave for yourself. If he does anything right now four fingers will be pointed at him.

      • Robsterrider


      • marxsgirl

        So you are for letting these 3 getting away with this ?
        The Good citizen that you are has no problems with this serious political ethics deal and probable illegal as well.

      • wilber harrison

        Chinese saying..”When setting out on a Path of revenge; First dig two graves”!

    • empiresentry

      Full campaign finance and payolla needs to be investigated
      Currently four lawsuits are under way for the DNC and Clinton fraud

      The issue of funneling donations to local and state DNCs and earmarking it for CLinton in order to bypass campaign donation limits is under way.

      Example: Clooney who famously backtracked and claimed his fundraising was no really for Clinton but all downstream candidates….while DNC claimed it was bankrupt.
      After all other candidates had been starved out, the DNC was suddenly awash in cash for CLinton.

      Oddly (sarc/), the news is no covering this except for OAN

  • Nik Buckingham

    This is what I love about America. You can try to play the system, but citizens are free to discuss these issues and bring them to light. Too bad you will never see this story on CNN.

    • Dot Milner

      SO TRUE !!!

  • SRVES339

    I’m sure the new Special Prosecutor is already on the case… lol!
    Just finish flooding DC… forget about draining it!

  • Elvis

    She also uses the “F” word in public. Typical foul mouth Democrat.

    • empiresentry

      when he lofo argument does not work for them, dims drop f-bombs

  • Ocitman

    where is the special counsel? He’s busy colluding with the Democrats and Democrat donors to take down trump

  • Army Vet ✓ ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    2 Criminals that need an Investigation by the DOJ

  • BillVA

    Eyes g’wan PEACH him!

    • TexanForever

      True dat.

  • DeplorableTollthis

    Can you say “Bribery” boys and girls? Lock them both up and expel them from Congress!

  • Deplorable Jackphatz

    Obama’s girlfriend. LOL

    • j jones

      Your correct name should be Deplorable Jackass is better suited toyou

      • Deplorable Jackphatz

        You are very immature, insulting. Your comments are nothing but ignorant ad hominem attacks with no substance, no debate, no purpose but to draw attention to your normally pathetic self.
        No one is paying attention to you Leftist attention whor es, you add nothing of value to any conversation. You will be blocked.

  • No Mas

    demonRATS Selling Amerian votes for personal gain,,, where is the investigation… ??????????

    • j jones

      look what the Republican and Russian did in 2016

      • empiresentry

        according to 6 dem/republican deputy AGs, the NSA, the FBI and the DOJ….nothing happened

        keep up with current events and stay away from Dimfascista anonymous sources

      • No Mas

        Clinton is not Republican

  • bucketnutz

    She is just another rude and vile elitist liberal Puke who wouldn’t spit on the common man if his hair was on fire.

  • Manuel Gonzales

    WE NEED TO IMMEDIATELY MOVE TO IMPEACH WATERS AND HARRIS FROM THE PAYROLL OF THE TAX PAYERS OF AMERICA!! In this clip Harris said she was going to Washington to seek transparency from the legislatures. Well, I think we know who needs to become more transparent right now. Waters and Harris are nothing but liberal hypocrites who have been lying to the American people about illegal campaign funding activities. They have lost their right to be in the Senate and should resign right now.
    President Trump needs to start draining the swamp as he promised and he needs to start in the Democratic Party. Nothing but liars, thieves, greedy fat cats who have used the taxpayer to line their pockets. Away with the whole lot!! Wherever they may be found in D.C.

    • DeplorableTollthis

      Congress critters are not impeached. They can be censured and expelled!

      • Manuel Gonzales

        I understand that. I was just mocking James Brown and her calling for an impeachment of President Trump.

    • Loli Darling

      You can’t empty a tub if you’re sitting on the drain.

      • Robsterrider

        Loli – you are no darling – you are just a troll. Goodbye.

        • Loli Darling

          I’m short but definitely not a troll. Robbie hates hearing a different opinion. Peace

          • Robsterrider

            Loli – living a delusional lie – your post aren’t pithy – they are weak attempts to repeat the daily talking points of the dems. SAD!

      • j jones


      • empiresentry

        everyone is still waiting for your example

        • Loli Darling

          During the elections dt he was going to get rid of Wallstreet. Did he no? He hired them. During the elections he was going have Hilary investigated because she couldn’t be trusted she said he was in bed with Russia who is under investigation now? During the election he was turning businesses over to children no conflict of interest. Children making deals based totally on Russian deals. Muslim ban, yes Obama did the same thing but dt change the countries to eliminate the ones where he has hotels. This presidency for him is about his pocket and nothing more. White male privileged makes you feel like you are loosing out if all are treated equal. Poor whites think they are better than poor blacks but white does not pay your bills, green does. Health care …we will make it available to everyone but too bad you can’t afford to buy it. No one cares until their families are afflicted. Health care is a right not a privilege. So if you think dt is doing you any favors by blaming Obama, Mexicans. Muslims, or even Hilary do you and your family a favor go talk to anyone in a hospital who HAD great health care and lost a job. Them today you tomorrow. dt liar and narcissist looking to see how much more he can make.

      • Manuel Gonzales

        Well we already started with Obama finally gone. He was the biggest obstacle. Now we have to work on his little trolls who are still left to taunt us. You have to admit the dem/libs are and have been the problem in America. They preach tolerance yet they burn anything to the ground and inflict damage on our lawmen and they hide behind the 1st amendment. I say once they get out of hand and start their burning they have nullified their right to freedom of expression. They are anarchist who need to be harshly dealt with. They have no sense of lawfulness. Just mow down the first row and the others will slip into the darkness of their environment. We allow that once and I do think they will learn how to protest peacefully.

        • Loli Darling

          Talk about sheep, if they don’t agree kill them. Let me guess…. factory worker never had to think for yourself. You picked things up and put them down. I bet you have never seen people peacefullyrics protesting. And they are ridiculed for doing so. Like quietly taking a knee during the anthem.

          • Manuel Gonzales

            I have to develop the same attitude about vengeance and hate as the lib/dems have. Fight fire with fire. If you call peaceful protest by showing all the chaos the leftist communist have been doing. Burning buildings, burning private property, Putting people out of business by burning their business’ burning cop cars that they themselves have to pay to replace them. If that is peaceful, then I would suggest to you l, you might be the factory worker that never worked. You might even be on welfare or some sort of assistance. Obama probably gave you a free phone and you want the Conservatives to continue the socialism Obama tried to instill in our government system. Even the Bible says if a man doesn’t want to work then let him not eat. Also it says that if a man doesn’t care for his own then he is an infidel. This b/s Michelle told the libs to do, go high when they go low, Well the libs is all about going low. They are low life to me. They have no respect for our America and our President and our way of life. Why do they want to bring in socialism? In this world you have to make it as big as you want or stay in poverty til you die. In a one world system everyone is the same bland soul except those at the top who rule. Don’t be fooled by the talk about utopia in our country or the world for that matter. The only utopia is look for is the thousand year reign with The Lord in the millennium.
            Man is not capable of bringing peace on this earth nor is he capable of maintaining peacefulness. Man is greedy. All he wants is power. Just look at Obama. He is no longer President but yet he still wants to be a voice for America. He is no longer relevant. He needs to just enjoy his retirement and let President Trump put America back together again. We had a pretty good country up until these past 8 years. Obama screwed things up. He is the one that divided us. He is the one that ruled like a dictator. He broke the Constitution laws by doing things the way he single handedly made deals with other communist/terrorist countries. That man abused his power. I’m glad he is finally out of the White House.
            And he committed unlawful actions by pushing everything aside like the gun running in Mexico with the cartel. Holder should have been fired for not doing his job when it came to the IRS scandal, Benghazi, Hillary, Iran deal. The dems proved who the crooks really are in this country. They complain about Russia interfering in our political system. Yet they can’t prove anything against Trump. Because there ain’t nothing there. They are just trying to keep him from governing. But it is coming back to bite them. They are going to sink in their own quicksand. It is already starting with Lynch. And even a Democratic Senator wants her investigated. We need to investigate the whole bunch.
            Conservatives need to fight back like the communist libs fight. Maybe if we give lib/dems a taste of their own medicine they will settle down and become useful citizens.

          • Loli Darling

            Time tells all. Obama 8 years no scandal. Trump 100 days FBI investigation.

            Pay attention.

            Working 2 jobs.

            God and self-sustained.


            Child of immigrant.

            Socialism….product of public school system.

            Educated paid by me…. private loans….3 degrees.
            1. University of Miami
            2. Emory University
            3. Quinnipiac University

            Love my career, working and caring for people. Not some people but ALL people. Not rich people, not poor people, not black people, not hispanic people but ALL PEOPLE. AND WHEN ANY PERSON needs help or medical care they should be able to get it and not lose their home bease they became ill. I pray you never experience what most Americans do because you are afraid of becoming a boring socialized utopia.

  • Bittergal Afrikaans

    6-16 2017 Today in Liberal Fascist Hate news ! Leftest groups in America even threaten their own propaganda channel with no freedom. Petition With 175,000 Signers Threatens ‘Backlash’ If MSNBC Hires More White Conservatives

    • Tony4US

      Since they wanted War I say we give them one
      The more we let it go the worse it will become

  • Roy Beane

    This arrogant self-important new comer to Congress actually had the audacity to actually try Lecturing Sessions (a 20 year veteran of congress) during the AG hearings recently, which no doubt many found to be very Offensive. Undoubtedly totally corrupt and up to her eyeballs in the old “payola”. Just another crooked politician, folks.

    • silverbackV

      And Sessions caught hell from the LSM (Lame Stream Media) for sassing a WOC!

      • empiresentry

        he should have just kept talking when she interrupted him. She has no intention of hearing anything from the Other lowly people she calls subhuman deplorables
        and then everyone else would have wanted to hear what he said but she ruined protocol.
        She keeps getting slapped down for her Hate. Dims, keep it up, you look like fools

      • Trump Orange

        Yeah your right listen to the truth and eat the GOP ass

        • freethinkinglibertarian

          How gay of you to say. Been to prison lately?

    • freethinkinglibertarian

      The pig did the same thing to Kelly.

  • Mark Hom

    In the recent Senate Comey hearing, Kamala Harris compared President Trump to a robber holding a gun to one’s head and “hoping” for their wallet. Strange, strange woman. I hope buying endorsements is illegal, as it seems to undermine democracy and campaign financing. Bribery and pay to play is how the Dems do business I guess.

    • Trump Orange

      He could shoot someone in middle of the street and still lie about it keep holding on to that musk

  • Robin Wallabee

    And who’se money is this exactly?

  • dstudie

    Kamala Harris is as corrupt as they come. She lies, she is violently anti-Constitutional, she has no manners, and she has prosecuted people for exercising their Constitutional Rights. Waters is just a lunatic with no use whatsoever to humanity. It comes as no surprise that democrats are backstabbing each other in a md power grab. Harris needs to be criminally investigated for the fraud she has perpetrated on CA and the nation.

    • john

      Kameltoe also has blood on her hands for the San francisco murders of the bologna family by an illegal

      • Me

        Lol Cameltoe Harris, that’s funny!

    • j jones

      Gaullist of poop half the Republican in government owe alliances to the Koch brothers and the top 1% what do these people want in return favorable laws

      • Deplorable Jackphatz

        The Koch Brothers are Libertarians, not Republicans, however, they are globalist so there is some overlapping here. You really need to be better informed if you’re going to make comments about folk’s and events you know nothing about.

      • empiresentry

        Koch brothers made no donations
        When hey did make donations In 2012, they were 57 lowest on the list…all of the donors above them were to Dimfascistas

        I might help your argument if you were to go get facts otherwise your poss demonstrate why so many dems have left the Dimfascista party

        • freethinkinglibertarian

          Facts and the truth mean nothing to this d-bag. Typical of all librtard socialists.

      • freethinkinglibertarian

        There you go again, bringing up the Kock Bros. How about Soros, Steyr, and Bloomberg controlling the trolls on the other side of the ailse?

    • freethinkinglibertarian

      She got her start by being Willie Brown’s ho. Watched her onTV the other day and she was rude and unprepared. Typical.