WATCH: RNC Co-Chair Previews 2018

January 11, 2018
OAN Newsroom

Republicans currently have a slight majority in the Senate, and a wider majority in the House.

One America’s Kendall Forward spoke with the co-chairman of the RNC about the upcoming races and has this report from Washington.

  • Fuzzy Thinker

    Want more publicity on Republican accomplishments. Oh. There is hardly anything that Republicans are proud of. Kind of like all those years when a Democrat was in the WH. Wait, didn’t anyone tell the Congress that there was no longer a Democrat in the WH anymore?

  • bojohn38

    My response to the RNC who continually ask for donations, at least monthly, is that they can remove my name from their mailing list and save themselves mailing cost for nothing. I no longer donate to the RNC, I now choose my candidates and mail donations directly to the candidate him/her self and skip the middle bunch. That way I feel much more assured the Swamp Dwellers aren’t benefiting from my donations.

    • Ray

      bojohn38 – Good idea, but it doesn’t work that way. Your choice candidate is forced to give $$$ from his campaign to the RNC and other candidates that need it. Bottom line, your $$$ don’t get spent the way you think.

    • CD Ard

      Exactly what we are doing now since RNC backs RINOS.

  • Butthep

    GOP will win 5 seats in Senate next November.

    • Ray

      I hope it’s 10

  • Roscoe

    Elect RepubliCAN conservatives and not RepubliCON RINOs. Vote in the primaries against those who vote against you. Never, ever, vote for any DemoRAT for any office! Kill the DemoRATic Party until it comes back to the middle. It is now obvious that DemoRATZ are for high taxes and a welfare state. Vote against them all.

  • C B

    I research the Candidates that I Vote for and they just happen to be all the Candidates that POTUS gives his endorsement to ……… MAGA

  • Richard McMeekin

    The RNC could use a Big Time fund-raiser! I contributed to the Trump Campaign via the RNC. I will contribute to the 2018 “Keep the Conservative Majority” mid-terms. If your contribution is $1.00 it will definitely count. Best four letter word: G I V E! Next best: H O P E millions of True Conservatives do likewise!

    • CD Ard

      RNC backs RINOS, not conservatives. Will NEVER give them another nickel. They have ruined conservative agendas. Graham, McCain, Collins, Murkowsky, Rubio, McConnel, Ryan…..Coker. To name a few of the worthless RINOS that sabatoge such things as repealing ACA and DACA. They are disgusting swamp slugs. Loyal conservatives will give RNC the finger if they are smart. My money is on the Freedom Caucus candidates. We Will $$$ support ANY primary candidates that oppose the above listed garbage. I am not limited to financial support in my own state in spite of the RNC mentality.