WATCH: Rep. Mark Walker Says Fall Will Be Critical For Congress

September 13, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Congress is back in session and with a packed schedule and urgent deadlines.

One conservative thinks this may be “make or break” time for lawmakers.

One America’s John Hines has more from Washington.

  • rebamick

    John Hines, your stories are fantastic. Loved this interview.

  • Civic Luna

    Walker is an idiot if he thinks we will vote democrat. what we will do is repeal and replace those Republicans!

  • Tado

    Nothing’s critical.
    Just hyping up the obvious scenario:
    Lies & Deception

  • Melissa McShane

    Sorry. I am a former Democrat and can’t bring myself to vote a Republican out and put one of them in, unless they are like Joe Machin. Hope the competition heats up at the primary level.

  • Barry Soetoro-Chin

    It will only be ‘critical’ for Congress if THEY DO NOTHING, which is what they’re doing now blocking President Trump’s agenda.

    These linguine-spined losers – the ‘establishment, beltway GOPe – need to get on board with what the American people want and not being swayed by a minority coterie of loud-mouth malcontents spouting nonsense.

  • C B

    Whoever POTUS Trump Endorses gets My Vote ! Period !

    • Studebaker_Hawk

      Indeed, but too many members of the deep state are either still present or getting new jobs within. McMaster, Cohn, Lyin Ryan, McTurtle.

      Good people are leaving (Bannon) others being fired. It’s got to stop. Potus needs to clean house and stop reaching across the aisle.

  • Dell Wilber

    My bet is that nothing will get done. Both House and Senate have full plates and they can’t get ANYTHING done!

  • Mike in Illinois

    I would say both parties are in Critical Condition right now, with the Democrat party being one step into hospice.

    The passing of both would be good fro America. We could finally move beyond “partisan politics”, heading down the Path George Washington advised – a path absent faction based politics that would (and has) destroyed this nation from within via division.

    Make no mistake, we do not OWE our votes to Democrats OR Republicans.

    Indeed, the owe it to ourselves to oust both sets of elitist fools who think they are our betters. We have a Duty to Deny Our Consent – officially. We do so by rejecting the “lesser of two evils” paradigm. We reject the LIARS and let us be perfectly honest here. BOTH Parties are chalked full of those.

    Send then packing. Deny them your permission! Deny them your vote!

  • Marie Graves

    Congress please do a great job for the American people we are depending on our leaders.

  • D Linn

    Mr. Walker is “my” representative. Voted for him the first time. Voted for his opponent in the primary the second time. By all accounts, he is a “nice guy.” (Sooooo happy for his family and friends; glad they like him so much.) By my account he is ineffective and no different than any other politician. He is a RINO

  • jrn_37

    Mark Walker is my Congressman and he is a full blooded RINO !!!

  • eddy122

    They should have stayed in session in August and got things done. The “Never Trumpers” and the RINOS have to be replaced with pro-growth Trump supporters. End of story.

  • Tado

    During Fall, the Hypocrisy in Congress will continue.
    Will there be:
    ACA Repeal? No.
    Wall Funding? No.
    Middle Clasd Tax Cuts? No.
    You bet…

  • a voice of concern

    I would like to see the Rep leadership stop playing the passive aggressive BS and just say what their plans are and then everyone can fight I tout with a compromise. Nothing will ever get done using the Obama doctrine of pretending to give a dam about anything except themselves.

    • Sunflower

      The Rep leadership are Democrats in disguise. Do not be fooled by wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  • a voice of concern

    They can rescind the filibuster rules, pass all of Trumps agenda and still have time for their dinner parties this weekend

    • Mike in Illinois

      You Bet they can……if they wanted to.

  • I’m looking for Walker in the White house at some point. The guts he has shown in Wisconson is exactly what we need to follow Trump.

    • Sunflower

      Looked up his Liberty Score at Conservative Review . 82% B and much better than so many. He’s up for re-election in 2018.

      • D Linn

        He is “my” congressman. Another RINO, and I say NO!

        • Sunflower

          What did he vote for or against that you disagree with? 82% is much better than Yoder or Jenkins, two of the three Reps from my state.

  • just me

    I agree! It’s make or break for Congress period!
    If that B….ch Walker become speaker of the hause
    And for my president!!
    Anyone with me on this?
    We must have OUR VOICE HEARD!

  • HurdeyGurdey ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    Every day is a critical loss for congress. They should work for free the rest of their term, and hopefully it will be their last term. Term Limits!!!

  • HurdeyGurdey ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    Every day is a critical loss for congress. They should work for free the rest of their term, and hopefully it will be their last term. Term Limits!!!

  • Sui-Juris

    Well… the majority GOP had better start acting on the Presidents wish list, or Trump will hand the work off to the Democrats. 🙂

  • Tado

    After ACA Repeal – failure?
    Who cares about the imperious, traitorous U.S. Congress?

  • Andrew Moore2

    Fall has nothing to do with it…..It is make it or break it now for congress… wrong move and you will be voted out…..There is a new sheriff in town and he has energized the people of this country.

  • KD

    Yeah and we are watching you idiots too and making notes!

  • DJLugoff

    We can thank Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and their cronies the Never Trumpers they are sabotaging President Trump. McConnell could have changed the rules in the Senate. DrainTheSwamp.
    Please call, email, tweet your Senators and Representatives let them hear from you NON-STOP! Let them hear from you!

    • HurdeyGurdey ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

      In theory I support your opinion, but they’ve all heard it so many times. I support term limits of 2 terms max, although 1 term should be enough if they are worth anything.

  • DrSheilahere

    Dems live in denial; it is how they can live with themselves. Otherwise, if they looked into the eyes of their children or grandchildren, they would run to confession. Their agenda is despicable. They would also hate themselves for taking money for votes that hurt the US. But, they do not. They want business as usual and why they hate Trump. But, they still do not think the American voter has the Gerkins to vote them out. Hope you give them a surprise.

    • HurdeyGurdey ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

      Dems in denial? Do you mean Paul Ryan (D) and Mitch McConnell (D)?

      • Mike in Illinois


  • Roy Beane

    No kidding, it’s critical. If the RINOs keep stonewalling and dragging their feet a little while longer, then nothing will get done in Congress and the bloodbath at the polls will be all set for 2018 when all these career politicans will be getting a chance to work at Burger King or sacking groceries at Walmart. HA. Would LOVE to see that!!

    • Pezgun

      Here’s your blue vest Senator …