WATCH: Pres. Trump Threatens to Go After NBC’s Broadcasting License

October 12, 2017
OAN Newsroom

President Trump threatens to strip NBC of its broadcasting license after accusing the network of reporting on “fake news.”

One America’s Marty Golingan has more on the president’s feud with the media.

  • airstart

    What road (cack) the apology circuit that the small brained odumdum went down, or the road of persistant incompetence?

  • Andrew Moore8

    Um….every night since Trump won the presidency….especially after his inauguration.

  • Andrew Moore8

    You sure are interested in his small hands….is there a reason you are so preoccupied with their size? Are you trying to tell everyone that you are really a unicorn chaser but you don’t want to come right out and tell everyone that you like the unicorn horn rather than the vag….

  • Andrew Moore8

    But you libtards have screamed that the second amendment doesn’t cover my military style weapons because they weren’t around when the fore fathers wrote the Constitution….so using your own libtard logic television and Radio wasn’t around either… the right to freedom of the press in the radio and television industry doesn’t apply because radio and TV wasn’t around when the fore fathers wrote the Constitution…..Or are you a libtard snowflake hypocrite?

  • Andrew Moore8

    Hey, I just noticed something…..You are the only libtard troll on here posting…..You the only one still getting $3.50 a post or were you one of the stupid ones that wasn’t getting paid and was doing it for free?

  • Andrew Moore8

    God doesn’t sleep either…he is way to busy protecting us from libtard scum like yourself….it’s why he gave us a leader with undying energy and commitment to the country….Something a libtard snowflake troll like yourself wouldn’t know anything about.

  • Okie


  • FoolIggy

    Thank you President Trump.

    NBC is very much related to Harvey Weinstein’s type behavior!

    NBC uses the Constitution to operate above, around, and under the law.

    NBC uses its own moral compass that is so skewed it has no value in a real open society.


    The FCC has a specific job to do but the standards by which the FCC’s performance is judged is open to FAKE INTERPRETATION!

    The FIRST AMENDMENT gives every American FREE speech (but NOT corporations that are hell bent on pushing their agenda & themes.)

    But every American also knows each and every American can and is to be held accountable for their words as WORDS are far MORE POWERFUL than any nuclear weapon.

    The media is a GROUP OF PEOPLE trying to affect the thoughts and actions of the masses and thus THE MEDIA must be held to a high standard of ACCURACY with their words!

    The MEDIA and those that try to control it are AT BEST, ruining the synergy of America and AT WORST, DESTROYING AMERICA!

    IT’s time for real laws (congress is a major part of the problem) to hold the MEDIA accountable for what they print or do NOT print it!


  • Sonny Shaw

    All TV and radio operate under FCC licenses and it is about time to end this false news from even being broadcasted to an already divided nation. Sources must be made known to us in a printed article or a broadcasted news segment no more of sources that wants anonymity or; some not authorized to make public statements. All sources must be disclosed. That would just about end all the fake news and those news outlets who fail to comply are subject to losing their license to broadcast and fined.

  • Deny

    The media is more of a threat than ISIS. Look at how they have whipped the left wing loons into violence & racial hatred. Pity we can’t take them all off the air. I don’t watch anything any more–except Sean Hannity. He is the only voice of reason.

  • bucketnutz

    Media collusion with the Democrat party has done more damage to America and the Trust in the media than the Russians did or ever could do.

  • airstart

    Classic Trumpian rhetoric. He knows he can’t revoke broadcast licenses, but it gets the kind of press coverage he wants. He’s consistently plays the MSM like a cheap pawn shop violin. It works, the MSM don’t ever seem to catch on what he’s doing. They look foolish enough on their own, Trump just beats them at their own game. Fake rhetoric and extreme rancor directed at them is just like dragging a poison laced raw steak, on a string, through a pack of hungry dogs.

  • The_Bonehead

    Trump is an absolute boss.

  • conquest915

    I have no problem with the FCC yanking NBC/MSNBC’s license now that they have become the Ministry of Propaganda and Subversion.

  • Re

    Maybe they ought to straiten themselves up and act like a news broadcaster. nota left wing group.

  • thecleaner45

    A couple of weeks before Billy Cosbys so called accusers came out he was in the process of buying NBC. I swear they were the ones setting him up. He’s against lazy blacks and welfare babies. Something the left and NBC love.

    • Chris m

      I do remember when Cosby gave those speeches along the lines of what you have said here, cleaner 45, he had sharpton and jackson boiling mad, because he spoke the truth. Wondering if they put the hurt on him by the current stuff he is possibly involved with? Thanks for commenting.

  • Andrew Moore8

    But wait….The libtards scream that my military style weapons are not covered under the 2nd amendment because they did not exist back when the forefathers wrote the Constitution…..Well, Television and radio did not exist back them either… using the libtard logic the 1st amendment doesn’t protect the freedom of the Television and radio press.

  • Andrew Moore8

    My god does this man ever sleep? This guy has exceeded my greatest expectations for a President….MAGA….Trump 2020.

    • ms_ladyhawke

      The MSM has subsequently found out that they can’t keep up with him, he’s a workaholic. They think he can’t handle the rigors of the office, more like the rest in the administration is having a hard time keeping up with him too!

      • Andrew Moore8

        Yup….The troll jjones is just mad because most of his beloved obummer libtard policies destroying this country are about gone and forgotten…..It won’t be long before jjones will have to get off his mom’s couch and actually go out and get a job to survive.

  • Xabre

    The Problem with MSM is that they Abuse the 1st Amendment…to such a point is that hopefully soon they’ll be out of business, because America is sick and tired of their collective lies, Hate speech, vitriol and Rhetoric…
    it serves no purpose to lie to America, except to sow the seeds of Divisiveness, and Discontent….
    But then isn’t that the Mantra of the Alt Left MSM to destroy this nation through Lies and Deceit.

  • Robert Adams

    By allowing Rachel Madcow to admit that NBC failed and allowing her to belittle the reporter who broke the Weinstein story, NBC has flung the door to licensing review wide open.

  • Robert Adams

    By allowing Rachel Madcow to admit that NBC failed and allowing her to belittle the reporter who broke the Weinstein story, NBC has flung the door to licensing review wide open.

  • Mark Heinzen

    The media seems to think they are exempt from slanderous statements. The venom that rolls off their lips is just as embarrassing and ludicrous as the phony late night hosts. If they can’t report the truth they should lose their jobs and the networks their broadcast licenses after multiple incidents. I think OAN is the only agency out there that can be trusted anymore. Watch GMA in the morning just one, you will puke!

  • Brian L

    I hope Trump shuts NBC and all their little fake news outlets down!

  • No Mas

    Every Media outlet including Social website media must adhere to high levels of accuracy in reporting or they can rename themselves the GOSSIP NETWORK OF BULLCRAP AND PANSIES

  • deadandwicked

    Go Get em Trump !!! you are the best Prez ever !! MAGA

  • disqus_D87XRi0Gy7

    Should have already been done, especially cnn the communist news network

    • TexanForever

      Always thought it was Chicken Noodle Network.

      My bad.

  • brandehhh

    So basically he would hurt every local and small broadcast company that runs under NBC, not NBC itself. NBC obviously doesn’t care.

    • Rollerstop

      Why those people like to be second, or third wife of someone, instead of being themselves?! why cann’t they just run a New media themselves? Aren’t they ashamed of being lead by NBC with all their lies?

      • brandehhh

        I don’t know, but it would hurt the regular people that run these news stations, not NBC itself.

    • Letmesay

      If they run under NBC. .they are fake news also.

  • Scott

    When Trump suggests something,
    the Left goes crazy.

    So, do you suppose they will suddenly start supporting Freedom of Speech?

    • famouswolf

      That’s probably exactly why he said what he said.
      I’d hate to play chess or anything else with this guy.

    • Sonny Shaw

      No! once you have freedom of speech you have opinions that reject the narrative being pushed. Liberals cannot stand the light of day let alone freedom of speech.

  • Robert Jones

    I thought OAN was unbiased in reporting, I did not hear the president say(tweet) he was ‘going after’ nbc’s license. Fake news oan

    • Brian L

      ABC and FOX News reported it too Robert….Where do you get YOUR news from?

      • Darwolford Wolford

        Brian, be nice. Oan needs to site sources. That’s fair

    • Numerical Logic

      The President is not expected to tweet everything. I do not believe this is fake news.

    • TexanForever

      If you think OAN is fake news why are you here reading it and posting?

      Suggestion: … Go to CNN or MSNBC where you can feel all warm and fuzzy.
      Maybe you’ll meet Baghdad Bob. Heard they’re fighting over him and both have offered him a job.

    • Darwolford Wolford

      Right on this one.

  • kaiju

    Wish him luck on this one. Most of the network news outlets should have been shutdown decades ago.